I would like to thank Director Harold Dusty Bull of the Blackfeet Tribe JOM Department, on helping us get this award. This is a national award, and we are honored and grateful on accepting this recognition of our school. At one time our school had over 80 kids, and we were at 93 percent JOM enrolled. I think if we were able to bus kids from Browning to East Glacier, our enrollment numbers for kids going to our school would go up and each year our numbers vary. Some move here; some move away; some just want to be in a smaller setting. Some get bullied in other schools. There’s some want to get in a bigger sports program – many different reasons.

Also, I think we would have more kids come to our school, but parents have difficult challenges to transport kids to East Glacier in the winter. There are great things our school does for the kids and our community. We have a great teaching staff and administration. The school board is always there to support the school; there are no bullies in our school. We are very aggressive when it comes to that sort of thing. We have lots of activities for kids throughout the year, even skiing in the winter. We always have our powwow during Thanksgiving, with a meal for all. The school always has special events for all holidays that always includes the community.

The school keeps the Blackfeet culture awareness alive in our school, but very diverse with other kids in our school. We have one big happy place to work and learn.

What I see is if our school is happy, the community is as well. The teachers will take extra time to do one-on-one with students who need that extra help.

Thank you JOM program and their staff. Same for our school and their staff. Thanks to the board for their support to make all these extra activities happen for our school. Special thanks to Jodie Running Fisher from the Planning Dept. of the Blackfeet Tribe for presenting the award to our school. I’m very grateful for the little part I’ve helped with the school. All of you have done great for the school. I’m proud to be a part of that program. I’ve been on the school board for over 15 years, and I’m here to say all of you should feel proud for how well the school is doing. Everyone has worked so hard to get there. The only thing we lost is a cook and a special teacher to her kids while there in her lunchroom each day, Andrea DeCarlo (Lunch Lady) will be forever missed by everyone in the school and community. She saw lots and lots of kids come through her lunch door. She will miss them, too. Thanks to all of you and have a safe and great summer, everyone. It’s been great working for you all.

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