Oki, all of you well Natives living in Blackfeet Country. Today is a good day for holistic health. The Medicine Wheel Theory says mind, body, spirit and emotion all need food for health. 

Spiritual food is grace and faith. Every day is a good day to become empty in order to be filled with the Holy Spirit who lives within you, and who is the light in your eyes. Our God fills the empty vessel with grace and faith, for all people need to believe and be filled with goodness and light. Because on our own it is easy to get lost, distracted by the worries, riches and cares of this world, but, rather, we possess a clear focus of stepping into the light. We must mindfully rebuke vainglory while we acknowledge the grace of God and He blesses us all the more.

Physical health is risky in the modern world. In the past, healthy foods sources gained health and wellness, Natives lived disease free. In today’s world, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) allows companies to sell poisons, and the responsibility becomes the consumers’. If the consumer chooses to ingest poisons from the grocery store, it is their own choice and their responsibility if disease sets in. Knowledge about what is harmful and what is more nutritious becomes the best intervention for health; know what you are ingesting. Eat only the foods that build, not break down.

Mental capacity must be fed and exercised or it loses the capacity to remember: use the mind or lose it. Learning, reading, studying and journaling all help people learn and grow. The evidence suggests dementia is increasing daily and at an earlier age. What are you reading and understanding either brings health or harm. Get rid of the perversions and thoughts that harm others. Any perversions must be overcome lest they overcome; work hard to change the thought process. Remember to carefully choose thoughts until it becomes a healthy habit to think about the lovely: think excellence.

Emotional health will manifest the love of self, others and God. If vanity, guilt or lack of shame for sins occurs, no worries, these can be changed for the better.

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