Ellie Bess Harwood, Reis Reevis and Ruby Ray were among the young rodeo stars recognized for their accomplishments at the 2019 Pikuni Youth Rodeo Association annual awards banquet.

Once a year, Glacier Peaks Casino in Browning becomes Cowboy Central for the area’s toughest little cowboys and cowgirls. With all the glitz, glamour and grit that is usually saved for the contestants in Vegas, local rodeo contestants walked across the casino stage to collect prizes they worked so hard for all summer. 

The 2019 Pikuni Youth Rodeo Association held their annual awards banquet under the bright lights of the casino stage. Little cowpokes from 2-18 years old smiled ear to ear as they were awarded Classic Equine horse tack, Go Rope sweaters, Bob Berg belt buckles and trophy all-around saddles. 

The Pikuni Youth Rodeo contestants spent hours in the practice pen and rodeo arena all summer for the chance to walk across the “big stage” while in the audience nearly 200 of their family and fans cheered them on. 

It’s been said that it takes a village to raise a child, but the contestants and families of Pikuni Youth Rodeo know that in reality it takes a rodeo community to raise a champion. The 2019 rodeo season could not have been nearly as successful without the generosity and hard work of the people behind the scenes. 

If you in some way, shape or form helped out with the rodeos, or even if you just took the time out of your day to bring a kid to the rodeo, please know that you are appreciated. Rodeo is truly a community gathering, and because we live in such an amazing community, our rodeos are top of the line! Hats off to you all! 

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