Some of those involved in Napi Elementary’s Culture Day include Pat Armstrong, Anna Armstrong, Floy Crawford, student Shaia Webber, Victor Mad Plume, Peter Tatsey, Duey Bear Medicine, Sicily Bird, Theodora Weatherwax, Jessica Racine, Adrian Tailfeathers, Ty Show, Sierra Matt, Cassie Powell, Glen Hall, Trimane Edmo, Helen Carlson, Edith Wagner, Shelly Eli, Michelle Harrell and Alicia Yellow Owl Goings.

Napi Elementary had Culture Day with many impressive presenters from the Blackfeet Tribe; Blackfeet Community College; Montana State University and Napi staff; Barry Adams of the Blackfeet Environmental Office; George Running Wolf and Trimane Edmo, trash and climate change; Peter Tatsey of Blackfeet Fish and Wildlife; Cassie Powell, Glen Hall and Duey Bear Medicine. 

Anna Armstrong, Floy Crawford and Edith Wagner had students from Napi School’s fourth, fifth and sixth grade. The boys and girls sewed ribbon skirts and shirts. Alicia Yellow Owl and Helen Carlson from Blackfeet Community College had the Sky Lab set up with Sky Stories. Shelly Eli taught the students how to do a Winter Count Painting of their own life. Iinnii Initiative Coordinator Teri Loring Dahl presented the Buffalo Box. Ty Show of Montana State University presented an engineering project on water, its many uses and where it comes from. Adrianne Tailfeathers and Sierra Matt and taught Native games and showed students how to play them. Victor Mad Plume told the students what  smoke jumping is and how it was a career he enjoyed very much. Patrick Armstrong showed the students how to play the flute and the importance of our culture and living it daily. 

Napi Elementary had great support from Principal Sicily Bird and Assistant Principal Jessica Racine. Theodora Weatherwax arranged for the presenter, and Michelle Harrell assisted in other areas.

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