The start of East Glacier Park Women’s League has finally begun with the weather starting to make a turn for better weather. This year we have nine teams filled with prior and new players who are ready for a season of laughs and golf. 

The Women’s League is happy to announce we will be going ahead with the bench memorial for our lovely lady golfer Ollie Hall this year. We thank everyone involved in the process and will be happy to have a dedication to one of the founders of the first East Glacier Park Women’s League.

Once all the ladies had a chance to say hello to familiar faces and meet the newbies, the gals got down to golfing. For some it was the first time swinging their clubs, for others it felt like the first time as they tried to get their swings down. Ashton Smith walked away with the longest putt of the night, while Jessica Sure Chief claimed the closest to the pin shot on hole 4. Jonnalea Tatsey won the longest drive on 8 but it didn’t do her much good in the dollar hole. We had over 11 players put up the money on the dollar hole at the end, with Skye Gilham winning with a chip-off. 

If you would like to be a sub for our Thursday night league you can join our Facebook page “East Glacier Ladies League.”

Team standings

Party of Fore 8-0

Hired Gun 8-0

Par-Tee On 6-2

3 Rivers Comm 4-4

Dimpled Balls 4-4

Bud Light 4-4

Northern Engineering 4-4

Fore Dirty Birdies 2-6

The Fab Fore 0-8

Top Individuals

Shanae Gilham 3

Teri Racine 3

Bobbie Sinclair 3

Barbara Flamand 3

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