The Browning linksters competed at both Columbia Falls and Ronan last week as the Browning girls set the high mark with a fourth place team score in Columbia Falls and Jill Sure Chief took third place in individual scoring at Ronan.

The Columbia Falls tourney was “a fun event,” according to Coach Brian Harrell. “It was different because it was a ‘wave start.’” The coach explained most tournaments use the ‘shotgun start’ where teams tee off at the same time on different holes in order to save time. With a wave start, which is used in PGA tournaments, all the players start at Hole #1 which slows the process considerably. “Some of our players took hours to get up to the tee, but that helped and they shot well,” Coach Harrell said, adding that as a result, the tourney only covered nine holes.

While the girls claimed fourth, the boys’ team improved while playing on what their coach described as a “tough course.”

The contest in Ronan found the boys working hard to improve their games while the girls were short Sequoia Butterfly to qualify for a team score and Jill Sure Chief took third place individually. The tournament included many Northwestern A teams, Coach Harrell said, and he’s working to fine tune their play between tournaments.

This week, the Browning golfers play a pair of tournaments, beginning with a trip to Missoula and a tournament at the Ranch Club Golf Course on Wednesday, Sept. 4, that starts at 9 a.m., and followed by a trip to Frenchtown and  a tournament at the King Ranch Club Golf Course on Thursday, Sept. 5, also beginning at 9 a.m.

Results from last week’s events follow.

Columbia Falls Invitational

Meadow Lake Golf Course

August 28

Browning boys

Benny Kittson 111

Chris Hall 115

Keenan Rides At The Door 131

Kelton Crawford 136

Boys team results

1. Hamilton 341

2. Whitefish 351

3. Corvallis 380

4. Ronan 407

5. Polson 416

6. Columbia Falls 430

7. Browning 493

Browning Girls

Jill Sure Chief 98

Sequoia Butterfly 116

Latasha Fitzgerald 124

Brittney Wagner 150

Girls team results

1. Corvallis 394

2. Polson 430

3. Ronan 478

4. Browning 488

Ronan Invitational

August 29

Browning boys results

29, Benny Kittson 101

37. Kelton Crawford 111

38. Chris Hall 114

40. Francis Ground 121

41. Keenan Rides At The Door 125

Boys team results

1. Hamilton 295

2. Frenchtown 332

3. Columbia Falls 352

4. Corvallis 359

5. Whitefish 365

6. Ronan 381

7. Polson 395

8. Browning 447

Browning girls results

3. Jill Sure Chief 90

13. Brittney Wagner 102

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