Former Browning JV Coach Kayla Jeckell assumed head coaching duties for the varsity volleyball team this year, and after 57 girls tried out, 39 were accepted, including 12 varsity, 12 JVs and 15 freshmen. Some of the returning veterans include Dulci Skunkcap and Peyton Crossguns while the entire JV team from last year moved into the varsity ranks this season.

“At Butte we tried seven different lineups because there’s lots of versatility in this team,” Coach Jeckell said of their debut at the Butte Invitational last week. “This is my fourth year with these girls as a JV coach…so I want to bring that versatility so each player knows every position; they can be a master of theirs, but they should be able to play anywhere.”

Coach Jeckell said her team adapted well to the different lineups, but she noticed they play their best when facing a top notch team like Butte Central. In that contest they adjusted their lineup in the second game after dropping the first, 11-25, and stayed even with the Maroons through the first 13 points of the next game, losing by only 22-25. The difference, Coach Jeckell said, is when they face a lesser team they let up, which is what she wants to work with them on improving. “They need to play hard against any team,” she said.

In pool play, Browning lost to Corvallis, 9-25 and 12-25; to Stevensville, 15-25 and 24-26, but with Hamilton, they lost one, 17-25, and won the second, 25-23. They also lost to Frenchtown, 22-25 and 15-25; to Dillon, 12-25 and 21-25; and to Butte Central, 11-25 and 22-25.

They played Hamilton in the tournament on Saturday, August 31, losing two games, 9-25 and 15-25.

This week, the Lady Indians have a busy schedule, starting on Tuesday, Sept. 3, as they host Columbia Falls. Freshmen start at 4:15 p.m., followed by JV and the varsity games.

Then, moving to road contests, the Lady Indians travel to Cut Bank on Thursday, Sept. 5, where the freshmen start at 4:15 p.m., followed by the JV and varsity games. Then on Saturday, Sept. 7, they’re off to Havre where the freshmen start at 1 p.m., followed by the JV and varsity games.

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