The Glacier Institute will kick off the summer by offering many educational courses and camps starting in June. This year we have added some new and exciting courses!

June 15 features a new and exciting course – Native People: Sacred Concepts of Worship. Although there are hundreds of cultures and traditions within the Native American communities, they all share common concepts at the root of their sacred ways and practices. Students will discover facilitate appreciation and understanding of sacred traditional practices, traditional games, and observances in the lives of Native Americans.

Brand new multiple day courses – Slowly Observing Glacier on July 31 – Aug. 2 and Slowly Discovering Glacier National Park Aug. 17-24 are designed to explore the park and gain a deeper understanding of the natural world through moderate hiking. These trips will focus on exploring the shorter hikes and allowing ample time for curiosity of the natural world around us. 

Outdoor Woman! is calling all women who would like to feel more comfortable and have more experience in the great outdoors! Join the Glacier Institute Aug. 17-24. This week is designed for women to learn the skills needed to enjoy the beautiful outdoors safely! 

Join the Glacier Institute for Fall Birds of Glacier National Park on Oct. 4. As autumn takes hold, breeding season winds down and fall migration begins. Familiar summer residents are preparing to head south, winter residents are trickling in, year round species are settling in for a long winter and a number of species will be showing up only briefly on their way to their wintering grounds. This course is for birders and those interested in avian behavior of all levels, even beginners.

The Glacier Institute is now enrolling for these new courses as well as many other courses and camps throughout the summer. More information is at or by emailing

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