The Tuesday, July 9 meeting of the Browning Schools Board of Trustees was called to order at 5 p.m. with a full board. The Regular Board Minutes of June 26 and the board agenda were approved with no changes.

There were no building reports.

The following staff received recognition: Karleen Whitegrass, Javier Bustos, Robert Miller, Leo Bullchild, Myndi Gallagher-Horn, Ansel Traynor and David Ricci. 

Public comment was offered by BIA Superintendent Theda Berthelson regarding road repair and land descriptions.

Discussion was held on the following items: Superintendent’s Update, Update on Impact Aid Budgets and Adopted Budgets for Elementary and High School July 1, 2019 – June 30, 2020 and HR Status Update July 2.

There were no resignations.

The following hirings for the 2019-2020 school year were approved pending successful background checks/ drug tests: Angela Heavy Runner, Interim BMS Principal ($92,000); Arlan Edwards, Student Support Coordinator ($43,757); David Ricci, Napi Elementary Athletic Coordinator ($4,000); Gerald Parrent Jr., Assistant School Secretary, High School; Raymond Augare, BHS GBB Coach ($4,816); Daryl Croff, BHS Assistant GBB Coach ($3,371); Leo BullChild, BHS Assistant GBB Coach ($2,649); Maurice RedHorn, BHS Assistant BBB Coach ($3,082); Katie McDonald, BHS Winter Cheer Coach ($3,220); Marlin Wippert, BHS Assistant Wrestling Coach ($2,539); Mistee Rides at the Door, BHS Assistant Winter Cheer Coach ($2,147); Edith Wagner BHS Speech-Debate Coach ($3,313); Robert Miller, BHS Track Coach ($3,963); Raymond Croff, BHS Assistant Track Coach ($2,890); Ygnatio Laforge, BHS Assistant Track Coach ($2,353); Jim Vaile, BHS Softball Coach ($3,529); Brian Harrell, BHS Assistant Softball Coach ($2,270); Mistee Rides at the Doore, BHS Assistant Softball Coach ($2,271) and Jerrica Lunak, Food Services Site Supervisor ($35,360).

The following Contract Service Agreements were approved pending successful background checks: Anna Armstrong, Provide Mentoring Services for New Teacher 2018-2019 ($250); Edi Wagner, Provide Mentoring Services for New Teacher 2018-2019 ($150); Javier Bustos, Ee Kah Ki Maht Scheduling, Inventories, Interviews 2018-2019 ($128) and Karleen WhiteGrass, Ee Kah Ki Maht Scheduling, Inventories, Interviews 2018-2019 ($128).

Out of state travel was approved for Brian Gallup, NIISA 2019 Summer Directors Meeting in Juneau, Alaska ($332.84).

In state travel was approved for Jeri Matt, 2019 Summer E-Grants Training in Kalispell, ($390.77).

Other items approved included: Initial Authorization of Impact Aid Revenue Bonds; Extended Contract-Theodora Weatherwax, NESSP Summer Camp June 2019 ($1,546.24); Extended Contracts-Julie Hayes $387.36, Randall Rivas $194.72, Create Rubric, Grade English Project Based Assignment, Grade Math Project Based Assignment; Extended Contract-Jennifer LaFromboise-Wagner, BHS Principal Transition 2019-2020 ($2,233); Extended Contract-Maureen Stott, Special Education Director Transition 2019-2020 ($1,907); Salary Increase-William Kennedy, Computer Technician 2019-2020 ($1,450); MOU Between BPS and ISSKONATAAPI Project (21st Century Grant); Resolution for Participation in Glacier County Investment Pool; Purchases Over $10,000 – None; Purchase New Coach Bus ($239,975); District Claims Check #421312 - #421451 ($270,974.11); Student Activities Claims Check #703813 - #703839 ($12,253.98), Cancelled Checks #703813 & 703818 and Additional Pays/Payroll. 

The Superintendent evaluation was held in closed session.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:48 p.m.

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