It seems like we finally have summer weather but summer is nearly over! July 25th was one day that the heat was a little too much for the lady golfers at East Glacier. A few of us forgot what it was like to golf with no wind, no cold, and the sun shining down on us. 

However, one team shone as bright as the sun and that was 3 Rivers team which consists of Sherie Blue, Skye Gilham, Mary Blue and Shannon Connelly. They took on Northern Engineering team Bobbie Sinclair, Friz Racine, Judy White, and Marly White. The individual standings for that match up had Sherie over Bobbie, Mary over Judy, Friz over Skye, and Shannon over Marly for no show. 

Low gross of the night went to Ashton Smith with a 39 and low net went to Noel Stewart with a 25. I would like to report on the hole prizes for that week because there were a few carryovers but seems some teams forgot to turn them into the club house so we had to go by memory. Jonnalea Tatsey won KP on hole 2, Sherie Blue won longest Putt on 6, and Holli for short drive. Don’t forget when you end on a hole to bring that hole prize in ladies, because there won’t be anyone behind you playing that hole. 

This Saturday, Aug. 10,  is the Heart Butte Golf Scramble and we will be presenting the bench for Ollie K, we ask that those who can make it be there to showcase our donation!  

Team Standings

Fore Dirty Birdies37-10    

3 Rivers Tele Comm36-12  

Dimpled Balls33-13   

Bud Light30-19  

Party of Fore29-14   

The Fab Fore25-20   

Par-Tee On24-20    

No Engineering22-20   

Hired Gun13-20

Individual Standings

Shanae Gilham16

Barbara Flamand14

Bobbie Sinclair13

Melissa Augare13

Rita Jo Smith13

Cassandra Weatherwax13

Sherie Blue13

Mary Blue12

Friz Racine12

Shannon Connelly12

Rachel Red Horn11

Laurel Bullcalf11

Lashonda Tatsey11

Dana DesRosier11

Darcy Skunkcap11

Ashton Smith11

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