Making the dig, Gianna Vickers led the Lady Indians in kills with six and scored four of Browning’s 15 aces.

The Lady Indians volleyball team played a pair of matches last week, hosting Cut Bank on Thursday, Oct. 10, and traveling to Polson on Saturday, Oct. 12. They lost three of four sets against the Wolves, 11-25, 13-25 and then won the third, 25-16, and then lost the fourth, 23-25. At Polson, the Lady Indians lost three in a row, 21-25, 17-25 and 23-25.

In the match against Cut Bank, Gianna Vickers led with six of 18 kills, followed by Abby Bullcalf and Dulci Skunkcap with five apiece. Hailey Bullshoe led with 12 of 16 assists, followed by Hailey Racine with four. Dulci Skunkcap also led with three of four blocks while Payton Crossguns led with six of 32 digs, followed by Skunkcap with five. Hailey Bullshoe also led with six of 15 aces, followed by Vickers with four.

Against Polson, Abby Bullcalf led with five of 16 kills, followed by Tricia Crow-spreadshiswings with four. Hailey Racine led with six of 10 assists, followed by Hailey Bullshoe with four. Abby Bullcalf had 3.5 of nine blocks, with Caeline Guardipee scoring 1.5. Bullshoe led with 16 of 40 digs, followed by Crossguns with 12, and finally, Bullshoe had four of five aces, with Vickers scoring one.

This weekend, the Lady Indians head to Butte for pool and tournament play at Blocktober Fest.

“I think this will really show whether or not our mental game has improved,” said Coach Kayla Jeckell. “Our physical capabilities and technical pieces of the game are solid, as I’ve said before. It really has come down to our mental toughness. Mental toughness includes their court awareness, ‘volleyball IQ’ and error reduction. We have had such close games in most of our matches, all within five points approximately. The stats are showing that we are making a lot of unforced errors from the service line and attacking, causing the close games to end not in our favor. 

I believe when the girls play with confidence and mental toughness, their game turns out really well. I’m hoping they can get their minds on the right path to get us ready for tournament play after Blocktober.”

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