The annual Heart Butte Indian Days golf tournament was held on Saturday, Aug. 10. The weather was gloomy, but it didn’t stop 92 persons from celebrating the memory of Olivia “Ollie K” Davis-Hall and Mona Mathews. There were 23 teams participating with four persons on each team. Each team was placed in one of the two flights according to their handicaps. 

The ceremony started for Ollie and Mona, with Earl Old Person, Kenny Old Person and Paul Old Chief singing a couple of songs; then Gertie Heavy Runner said a prayer; Cynthia Kipp, Ollie’s Mother, said a few words about Ollie; Skye Gilham said a few words about Mona, and Vic Hall said a few words about both Ollie and Mona. Then the tournament got under way. Throughout the day people were taking pictures of themselves on or by the beautiful bench in Ollie’s memory.

The champions in the A Flight was the team of Shanae Gilham, Tiara Gilham, John Lucke and Carleton Gritts with a gross score of 60, or 12 under par; taking second place gross was the team of Kellen Hall, Anthony Grant, Kyle Sinclair and Vic Hall with a 62 gross score, 10 under par; and taking the third spot in the gross category was the team of Greg Tatsey, Dave Gordon, Sherie Blue and Travis Blue with a score of 63.

On the net side of the A Flight the winners were Oyts Harrison, Frank Harrison, Sarah Harrison and Lakota Warden with a 56 net score; taking second net was the team of Loni Grant, Kirk Grant, Cletus Running Wolf and Frank Daniels with a 57.5 net score; and third net was taken by Kurt Zuback, Ed Flamand, Joel Tailfeathers and Brennan Tailfeathers with a 58 score. 

In the B Flight the low gross was won by Maurice Redhorn, Skye Gilham, Shawn Wagner and Denver Hoyt with a score of 65, seven under par; second place was Ron Valandra, Denielle Valandra, Boney Valandra and Teri Valandra with a score of 69; and the third gross was taken by Ron Bird, Janel Bird, Earl Tail and Nick Luoma with a 70 score. 

On the net side of the B Flight were Tracy Valandra, Melissa Augare, LaShonda Tatsey and Trae Kennerly with a 57 net score; second went to Chuck Gray, Robert Gray, Jerilynn Whiteman and DJ Fish with a 60 net score; and third was taken by the Tatsey girls, Darcy, Tenneill, Cis and Jonnalea with a 61 score.

The Calcutta, on the gross side of Flight A, was won by Shanae, Tiara, John and Carleton; second went to Kellen, Anthony, Kyle and Vic. On the net side of Flight A, the Calcutta was won by Oyts, Frank, Sarah and Lakota; second went to Kurt, Ed, Joel and Brennan.

The nine hole prizes, for Flight A, were won as follows: Hole #1 – Harrison Ranch (Longest Putt), Hole #2 - Two Halls, a Grant and a Sinclair, (Closest in 2 Shots), Hole #3 – Chops Sure Chief team (Senior Men Long Drive), Harrison Ranch (Men’s Long Drive), Shanae Gilham (Women’s Long Drive), Hole # 4 – Chad Johnson (KP), Hole #5 – Frank Daniels (Long Putt), Hole #6 – Two Halls, a Grant and a Sinclair (Closest in 2 Shots), Hole #7 – T. Gilham (Closest in 2 Shots), Hole #8 – Two Halls, a Grant and a Sinclair (Long Putt) and Hole #9 – a Sinclair, a Grant and two Halls (KP).

The nine hole prizes, for Flight B, were won as follows: Hole #1 – Trae and the Girls (Longest Putt), Hole #2 - Ron Gilham Team, (Closest in 2 Shots), Hole #3 – George Heavy Runner #2 (Senior Men Long Drive), Earl Tail (Men’s Long Drive), Tatsey Sis-ters #2 (Women’s Long Drive), Hole # 4 – Valandra Team (KP), Hole #5 – Redhorn Team (Long Putt), Hole #6 – The Gray Zone (Closest in 2 Shots), Hole #7 – Denver Hoyt (Closest in 2 Shots), Hole #8 – Koby Team (Long Putt) and Hole #9 – Janel Bird (KP).

The Special Hole Prizes to be won by only women (in the memory of Ollie and Mona) were won as follows: Hole #1- Janel Bird (Closest to the Spot), Hole #3 - Loni Grant (Long Putt), Hole #5 - Bobbie Sinclair (Closest to Red Rock), Hole#7- Friz Racine (Closest to the Spot), Hole #9 - Sarah Harrison (Closest to the Spot).

The HBID golf tournament committee would like to thank everyone that participated and those who helped. The Tatsey girls once again sported purple shirts with Ollie’s picture, in support of their Auntie. We appreciate the support of BTBC, Terrie White and Blackfeet Self Insurance Program, Village Dining and Lounge, the families of Ollie and Mona, especially Ollie’s mother, Cynthia Kipp and her Aunt, Gertie Heavy Runner, Skye and Kathy Gilham and Earl Old Person, Kenny Old Person and Paul Old Chief. Also, thanks to the Ladies East Glacier Golf League, Jonnalea, Travis and Sherie Blue for the beautiful bench and plaque in memory of Ollie, the love of Vic’s life. The tournament wouldn’t have been the success it was without any of you. There were many more that need to be thanked and you know who you are.

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