This sportswriter lied last week. Might have to turn in my meteorologist license. It did not finally quit raining last week, like this sportswriter reported. We played in cold, wet weather this week, but we survived. The cold didn’t bother Dave Gordon or Anthony Grant or Oyts Harrison. They shot 35, 37 and 38 scores respectively. Then the low net scores were shot by Justin Aimsback 32, Earl Tail 33 and Marc White 33.

In the team competition there is a five-way tie for the lead. But it is anybody’s ball game right now, except for maybe the Hall Ranch as they are kinda at the bottom of the totem pole right now. They just faced off with “The Enemy” and those Sons of Pitches got the best of them. There are two new teams that are close behind the leaders. Those newbies are Parisian Gang, who are Ed Parisian, Rod Sollars, Paul White, Don Sollars, Ron Valandra and Joe Gervais (which four shows up, I guess). The other new team is the Southside Bushwhackers, who are Wil Horn, Justin Aimsback, Earl Tail and Frank James Harrison. Frank isn’t new, but he isn’t old either. All four of those guys are pretty young; maybe they shouldn’t be allowed to be hanging out at the Dollar Hole. But Harley likes them hanging out there.

In the singles competition, Kole Fitzpatrick, Anthony and Earl have the lead right now. But there are plenty of sandbaggers just waiting to pounce if the leaders shank a shot or two. A point behind those guys are an inspector, a court martial, a judge, an irrigator, a councilman and a hooker. Those guys are Kyle Sinclair, Koby Redhorn, Davey, Zane Peterson, Roland Kennerly and Ronny Valandra. 

The hole prizes were won by these fellers: Frank Fremont Harrison, a.k.a. Oyts, won the KP; the KP in 2 was won by Ronny; the KP in 3 was won by this sportswriter; and the long putt was made by Junior Old Person. The “Dollar Hole” was split between two guys when they couldn’t decide who was closest in the chip off. Those two were Anthony and Ronny.

Team Standings

After June 19

Injuneers10 - 6

Pikunii Fore Play10 - 6

Leavitt Group Ins10 - 6

Twisted Tee10 - 6

Fitzpatrick Trucking10 - 6

3 Rivers Comms8 - 8

S-side Bushwhackers8 - 8

Sons of Pitches8 - 8

The Regulators6 - 10

Big Badger Buffaloes6 - 10

Parisian Gang6 - 10

Hall Ranch4 - 12

Individual Standings After June 19

Earl Tail4

Anthony Grant4

Kole Fitzpatrick4

Kyle Sinclair3

Koby Red Horn3

Dave Gordon3

Zane Peterson3

Roland Kennerly3

Ron Valandra3

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