Seeking daylight, Trevon Fisher ducks between blockers Chucky Brave Rock and Jayden Salois on his way to a first down.

Paraphrased from an old Peanuts cartoon, Ronan might have said something like ‘we had every chance to win, and then the game started’ in last Friday’s opening contest of the 2019 season. Mere seconds into the first quarter, Browning pushed the Chiefs into their own end zone for a two-point safety, and for Ronan, things went downhill from there.

“Ronan’s number 22, a wide receiver, is an all around athlete so we made some adjustments that were the key to our success,” Browning Coach Ansell Traynor said. “The penalties nearly killed us off - we had 11 on offense and seven on defense - so that’s something we need to clean up. But they were just delay of game, holding, false start - they’re all fixable and that should benefit us in the future.”

It wasn’t only Browning with penalty issues; it seemed for every home team infraction there were several by Ronan in addition to problems with the snap from center. In spite of some good pass plays by the Chiefs, they were never able to overcome their mistakes nor to counter Browning’s defensive adjustments.

“I want to thank the fans for showing up because it was pouring rain when we started and I looked into the stands and saw some empty spaces, but by the time the game started the place was full,” Coach Traynor said.

Folks who follow Big Red have a fun start of the season ahead of them with Libby coming to Browning this week for another home game at Arrowhead Stadium. Kickoff is set for 7 p.m. on Friday, Sept. 6.

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