It was a daring trip over the Divide in the midst of a record pre-winter storm, but the Browning cross country teams made their way to Missoula on Sept. 28 to compete at one of the biggest XC events of the year. “It was really windy, and it was around 40 degrees,” said Coach Steve LaForge. “We even lost our tent. A lot of our varsity runners were sick with congestion, but they did super well in spite of the elements. The girls did especially well, and many JVs got personal records.”

This week, the Browning harriers have a pair of meets, beginning in Hamilton on Thursday, Oct. 3, where the action starts at 4 p.m. Then on Saturday, Oct. 5, they head to Havre.

Results from last week’s meet follow.

Mountain West Classic

Sept. 28 Missoula

Browning Varsity Boys

Total varsity boy runners 476

136. Jeremy Bockus 18:10

185. Justin Burd 18:39

211. Chris Reevis 18:52

216. Lane Longtimesleeping 18:55

302. Phillip Surechief 20.20

309. Chris Kipp 20:30

339. River Boggs 21:44

Browning JV Boys

Total JV boy runners 600

118. Emmit Carlson 19:41

151. Brandon Omeasoo 19:59

210. Tayron Burdeau 20:32

218. Trey Smith 20:39

271. Preston Tatsey 21:15

291. Jordan Longtimesleeping 21:25

377. Robert Regan 22:26

464. Lebron Omeasoo 24:16

488. RedSky Boggs 25:08

491. Augustus Bullshoe 25:12

496. Azreal Bullshoe 25:18

501. Trenton Bird 25:23

Browning Varsity Girls

Total varsity girl runners 321

115. Vandree Old Person 21:38

121. Haley Redhorn 21:43

211. Kiara Iron Heart 23:19

251. Mecca Bullchild 24:24

267. Kelsey Mad Plume 25:03

272. Chalissa Kipp 25:14

282. Jazzy Wells 25:37

Browning JV Girls

Total JV girl runners 451

161. Jadie Butterfly 24:57

198. Arena Matt 25:28

199. Joann Jordan 25:28

200. Alena Burdeau 25:29

201. Walker Running Crane 25:35

277. Mishayla Croff 26:00.0

329. Skyla Wells 27:44

426. Princess Thunder Bear 33:09

436. Ella Michell 35:40

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