The Blackfeet Nation Boxing Club has been very busy at various competitions around the state. The club is conducting several fundraisers to help pay for expenses for the Junior Olympic Regional Tournament in Gillette, Wyo.

Oki, people of the Blackfeet Nation and surrounding community. The Blackfeet Nation Boxing Club has been non-stop busy. We are one of the biggest boxing clubs in Montana with 19 registered boxers. We have been all over since Sept. 2018 and have been going almost nine months; we have had many boxing champions and bout winners. These last go-rounds were in Billings for the Golden Gloves. 

Donna Kipp is being featured with ESPN in a documentary of our boxing club and in part with the missing indigenous murdered women movement. Donna stepped in when another participant could not do it. Donna has not been boxing since 2015 when she received the Bronze medal in the USABOXING Jr. Olympic Prep Championship held in Charleston, W.Va. Donna trained for a few months and was not really ready to step into the ring, but she did. She tore her knee ligaments when she was competing in Billings. Donna had the first round, but the second she got hit and it threw her off balance; her knee went out from under her. 

Logan Old Chief lost a very close decision as well as Vance Sellars, but Vance got a trophy for bout of the night. Chayzin Bird has been on a winning streak, and Wyatt and Sheldon Meineke fought very hard, but we did not get the wins. Angelo Bear also fought hard against a taller and more experienced boxer, but we did not get that one either. Jance Eagle Feather competed with a boxer from Billings and it was a close one, but once again we did not get the win. Our team has beat all the other boxing clubs with smaller kids with the same amount of bouts as ours, but now we have to compete with kids that have more bouts and experience than ours. It was a tough weekend for the Nation. 

The week after was the Montana Jr. Olympics held in Hamilton. Our first boxer, Wyatt Meineke, lost a match bout to a young man from an Electric City Great Falls boxer. Again, experience played a role in the loss. Our little Kiyo Angelo Bear won his match bout for a much-needed win for him. His opponent was a tough little guy from Helena. Our next little warrior was Sheldon Meineke against Nathan Duggan. This was the cutest bout of the night. Nathan is not as strong as Sheldon, but Sheldon worked with him and did not beat him up, sportsmanship and a good heart. 

Our next warrior was Jance Eagle Feathers against Nathan Doyle, who he lost to in Billings. Jance is in a smaller weight class but took the bout again. Jance lost, but we felt that we should have had it this time. Chayzin Bird is still on a winning streak, undefeated in the past outings. He out boxed a tough little boxer from Hays Boxing Club.

Day two, our smallest boxer, Sheldon Meineke, 60 lbs., took a match bout with a more experienced boxer from Electric City. We did not get this win. Wyatt Meineke took a match bout from a boxer from Hays Boxing Club; we did not get the win. Tyson Wagner, in his first outing in two years, lost a close bout; Tyson has guts. Our Taylor Carlson is a tough kid, but he has been drawing boxers with more bouts than him. He never gives up, but we did not get this much-needed win for him. 

Jance Eagle Feathers match-bouted a boxer from Electric City, Arturo Manrriguz. Jance just out classed his opponent and took the much-needed win for him. Angelo Bear lost to a boxer from Electric City. Angelo fought hard as always, but we did not get this win. Jonathan 

After Buffalo boxed his first bout against a Hamilton boxer; he fought hard, but the kid was too tall for him. We did not get the win. My son, Talon Ulrich, boxed his first bout against a boxer from Butte. It was a war of will and skill, and Talon took the win for his first bout. Our next Warrior was Von “Ethan” Wroblewski against a boxer from Barrio Boxing Club Billings; this was another war. Ethan took the win. Our next warrior was Timmy Sellars; he boxed Cayden McNeil, both from Blackfeet Nation. They both boxed very hard, but Cayden took the win. Our last warrior was Eli Wroblewski. He fought the Hamilton champion, David Ponce. It was a war all three rounds, and it was Eli’s first bout. I had first and second to Eli, but David rallied in the third to take the win. I was very proud of our team coach. Rod Sellars worked very hard as well as myself to compete in this great event.

Our club is doing a few fundraisers right now to help get us to the Junior Olympic Regional Tournament in Gillette, Wyo. Our boxers are selling raffle tickets to win a 43” TV, picnic table, painting, a Native print clothing set and other prizes. We are also doing two 50/50 raffle boards; you can contact Ember Kipp for the $10 board to buy a square for $10 with the winner getting $500, and you can contact Leona Sweets Calica for the $20 board to buy a square for $20 with the winner getting $1,000. We will also be doing a nacho supreme fundraiser at the park by the bank very soon. Please come out and support our efforts. Thank you in advance for your support. And as always, God bless.

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