The Browning High School golf team is already on the road and planning their first home meet, a full week ahead of the first day of school. “We leave today for Dillon,” said Coach Brian Harrell on Monday, Aug. 19. “Then we’re back on Thursday when we head to Havre, and then we host a meet on Saturday, Aug. 24, at the East Glacier Park Golf Course.”

After just two days of practice, Coach Harrell reports good numbers of athletes have turned out for golf this season. And while sometimes the early start means limited numbers at the first meets, this year is different. “Some kids will be busy working and traveling so they don’t get back until school starts,” Coach Harrell said. “But this year everyone is here.”

Some of the veterans returning to the team include Jill Sure Chief who the coach says is “probably our number one player.” Senior Sequoia Butterfly joins her, as well as sophomore Brittney Wagner and senior Latasha Fitzgerald.

On the boys’ side, sophomores Chris Hall and Denny Kittson will be supplemented by sophomore Keenan Rides At The Door and senior Kelton Crawford.

Coach Harrell notes golf competes with both football and cross country for male athletes in the fall, reducing the numbers who turn out. On the other hand, if golf were played in the spring instead of the fall, the only competition would come from track and field which he believes would be a better situation.

In any case, BHS golf is underway with a pair of away meets happening at Dillon on Tuesday, Aug. 20, and one at Havre on Thursday, Aug. 22. Back at home, the BHS linksters will host their own meet at 10:30 a.m. on Saturday, Aug. 24, at the East Glacier Park Golf Course.

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