Oki, people of the Blackfeet Nation. The Blackfeet Nation Boxing Club went to Rapid City, S.D. It was an adventure to say the least; our kids boxed hard, and we have two that could go to the Nationals: 106 lbs. Mamie Kennedy and 106 lbs. River Blu Boggs. 

Timmy Sellars boxed at 95 lbs. but lost a close decision as did 110 lbs. Jance Eagle Feathers and 85 lbs. Phoenix Boggs - these boys fought their hearts out. Our littlest boxer, Christian Sellars, boxed two match bouts, losing the first but winning the second. He is a tough kid and our cutest fighter. 

The star of the competition was Mamie Kennedy; she boxed a tough girl two years older than her and beat her, and then she boxed the toughest of three triplet boxers from Wyoming and won again. Mamie received Most Promising Upcoming Female Boxer plus the trophies she received from her wins. 

River Blu was an uncontested champion; we could not match bout him so he spared many young boxers from other clubs. He had a line of boxers wanting to try him out, but River just outclassed them. 

Our boxing team received a big trophy for traveling the farthest to compete in the Regionals in South Dakota. Team Montana received the team trophy for having the most boxers eligible to advance to Nationals in West Virginia. Our team was the biggest team there and should have taken that trophy home too, but we felt that Blue Earth Boxing Club in Wolf Point fought hard too and felt as a team that since we had already taken the previous trophy that they needed to take it with them. They are a really tough team too. 

It was a long and tough road financially to get this far. I don’t have the resources to go any further, and I don’t allow any of my kids to travel with other teams for their own safety. Yet we did make it this far with the grace of God and good people in our surrounding communities. We are tired; it’s been a long eight months and now we will focus our work towards our 501c3; then watch us. As always, take care and may God bless.

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