Summer came and it left again. We played in another chilly night, on the east slopes of the Rocky Mountain front, close to melting glaciers. In doing so, there were some huge changes in the standings in both the individual race and the team race.

In the individual race, we are being led by rookies and one old guy, all with lots and lots of sand. Earl Tail is the lone leader now, with Wil Horn and George Heavy Runner the chasers now. Anthony Grant and Dave Gordon were tied for the lead, but their whole team took a tumble. They are still in the hunt though, only two points down, along with Lil Earl Old Person, Kole Fitzpatrick, Koby Redhorn and Chops Augare. 

In the team race, the early season leaders, Leavitt Group Insurance team, took a beating from the Southside Bushwhackers. That might happen, especially when only one team member showed up for the Leavitt team. That put the Bushwhackers in the lead now, with Sons of Pitches and Twisted Tee in the second slot as all three of those teams swept their opponents. Then the team of Pikunii Fore Play is right there too, with an almost sweep. But the poor old Regulators are having a hard time, regulating their swings, especially when their captain, Ray Boggs, couldn’t come out to play. The other three members of the Regulators are Beau J Glaze, Cody White and Brian Weatherwax. I think they all have brand new golf clubs too, so with those new graphites they need to regulate their swing according to the wind, the wind chill, the hardness of the greens, the moisture in the air and mainly regulate the moisture they are putting down their throats. 

Some matchups of the evening had Harley DeCarlo going into the #9 hole with a three stroke lead on Steven Powell, their final hole. But Harley managed to hit his ball out of bounds, then hit it here, hit it there and as George Strait would say, “Just Give it Away.” In their foursome, Beasty Racine and Gary “lieutentent” Henderson had many, many strokes between them, but Beasty had the least. Then Mo Redhorn managed to get a win over super sub, Warren Des Rosier; Kole and Oyts had “you take the lead, no you take the lead, no you” type of match with Kole finally taking the lead; then Kyle and Merlin Sinclair got the best of the Whites, Marc and Donny; then Lil Frank Harrison put an “objection” on David Gordon’s game while Virgil Last Star finally managed to get his swing going as he swung better than Ron Valandra.

The low gross was shot by Kyle with a 38 score, and the next lowest score was three shots back, shot by Mike Racine, Lil Frank, Davey and this sportswriter. The low net of 31 was shot by Mike while Frank had a 32. 

In all of the 103 years or so that this sportswriter has been running the league, there never was a “Long Putt” carryover. But there is always a first. The other hole prizes of KP was won by this sportswriter; the KP in 2 was taken by Kole; and the KP in 3 was taken by Oyts. Hmmmm, all three guys played together. Then the “Dollar Hole” just belongs to Lil Frank this year. That’s not fair. Maybe the old guys should get to move up the white tee boxes. Oh, they did. 

Team Standings

After July 17

S.Side Bushwhackers 28-12

Sons of Pitches 25-15

Twisted Tee 25-15

Pikunii Fore Play 24-16

Leavitt Group Ins 22-18

3 Rivers Comm. 22-18

Fitzpatrick Trucking 19-21

Hall Ranch 17-23

Injuneers 14-26

Parisian Gang 14-26

Big Badger Buffaloes 20-20

The Regulators 10-30

Individual Standings After July 17

Earl Tail 9

Wil Horn 8

George Heavy Runner 8

Anthony Grant 7

Dave Gordon 7

Earl Old Person 7

Kole Fitzpatrick 7

Chops Sure Chief 7

Koby Redhorn 7

Oyts Harrison 6

Justin Aimsback 6

Zane Peterson 6

Beasty Racine 6

Ed Flammand 6

Steven Powell 6

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Congrats to Harley for the H-in-O after 9000 swings...!

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