This sportswriter not only writes about golf, but has written about other sports, does a little officiating, has done some umpiring, some “chain gang,” is a sports fan and witnessed many athletes through the years. Now this guy was never a golfer and maybe he never even swung a golf club, but I bet he would have did it good, and he would have made it fun for those who played with him. He was a great athlete in high school and he played football at Haskell Indian Junior College. In this sports-writer’s opinion, there have been many very great defensive backs that played for Browning High School, but none was as great at it as this guy. Nothing got by him, and his technique of tackling and defending the pass was unbeatable. He was a natural at everything, and he had a great sense of humor and was fun to be around. Dale Tatsey was a brother of many and a friend of all. RIP Dale.

But the golf story of the week had Harley DeCarlo hardly able to tee his ball in the hard tee box ground on number 4 in East Glacier. But when he did, he meant business. His business had his club swinging accurately and his ball flying right where it was supposed to fly. When he and witnesses Kellen Hall, Leonard Guardipee, Steven Powell and Aaron McLean got to the hole they couldn’t see his ball. It disappeared. It was quickly found when they looked into the hole. Now he may have a new name, Ole Hole in One Harley.

In the individual race, the top dog was only one last week, but now it is four. All tied for the lead are Wil Horn, Earl Tail, George Heavy Runner and Earl Old Person Jr. This sportswriter is asking for a friend, or a whole league, how much sand do these four bring to the golf course? That is a hard question to ask and a harder inquiry to solve. But right on their sandy trails are Chops Sure Chief and Koby Redhorn. Then only a couple points in back of the leaders are Maurice Redhorn, Mike Racine, Steven Powell and Travis Blue. Talk about 10 guys who have enough sand that they leak it throughout the course, but they try to hide it. 

The Southside Bushwhackers are holding on to the team lead by a sand pebble. The Pikunii Foreplay team is only a point behind, and Twisted Tee is only two points back. But still in the hunt are the 3 Rivers Communication team and the Sons of Pitches team. The Sons are George HR, Chops and the two Kennerlys, Roland and Trae. One team who needs to start whipping is the Parisian Gang, who are Ed Parisian, Paul Augare, Rod Sellars, Ron Valandra and sometimes Harley. 

Some matches included Travis and Marc White playing down to the wire, and blue was the color that night. Then in the same group, Aaron McLean and Leonard played to a tie. Another match had Kurt Zuback and Dan Polk measuring each other’s sand until Kurt had the mostest. Playing with them had brothers-in-law Ed Flamand and Steven Wagner each having their ups and downs, with Ed having more ups. Then the two Mikes, Racine and Augare, took good care of Kirk Grant and Sam Croff. Individual leaders George HR and Lil Earl played to a net tie, and in their foursome Chops out putted Virgil Last Star. Then Boney Valandra and Beasty Racine tried to out talk each other, but don’t know how it’s possible, but Boney won the battle. They must have talked too much for nephew Anthony Grant as Steven Powell took him down. In that team match-up the elder of the league, Merlin Sinclair, gave George Webber some muscle pain. Another tie of the night was a kid versus another elder, Koby and Donald White played to a low scoring tie.

The Harrisons shot the low gross scores of the evening, with Oyts shooting a 38 and Frank shooting a 39. On the sandy side of things, Earl Tail shot a net score of 30, and shooting a 31 net score were Maurice, Koby and Donny.

Then the Harrisons also got into the hole prizes, with Oyts winning the KP, nosing out his teammate; Da Beef and Frank won the Long Putt. Winning the KP in 2 was Lil Earl, and Dave Gordon won the KP in 3. Then after driving the “Dollar Hole” pin high and then watching putt after putt miss, Virgil just missed his eagle putt. But he made the birdie to win this prestigious hole. 

Team Standings

after Aug. 7

S-side Bushwhackers43-21

Pikunii Fore Play42-22

Twisted Tee41-23

3 Rivers Comm39-25

Sons of Pitches38-26

Hall Ranch35-29

Big Badger Buffaloes34-30

Leavitt Group Ins.26-38


Fitzpatrick Trucking24-40

Parisian Gang24-40

The Regulators12-52

Top Individual Standings after Aug. 7

Wil Horn13

Earl Tail13

George Heavy Runner13

Earl Old Person13

Koby Red Horn12

Chops Sure Chief12

Steven Powell11

Mike Racine11

Travis Blue11

Maurice Red Horn11

Zane Peterson10

Kyle Sinclair10

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