This week, the Glacier Reporter introduces the candidates for Browning Position #1 and Seville Position #7, they being Timothy Davis and James McNeely in the former and Carl Kipp and Lauren Monroe in the latter. Each was given 250 words to express why they are the best choice in 2020.

Next week, the Glacier Reporter will profile the candidates from Heart Butte Position #5 (Terry Tatsey and Virgil Last Star) and Old Agency Position #9 (Tony Sinclair Sr. and Marvin Weatherwax Jr.).


Timothy “Kink” Davis

Browning Position #1

Greeting Niiskokooiks

My name is Tim “Kink” Davis and in 250 words I am going to explain to you why I am the best candidate for Blackfeet Tribal Business Council. 

I bring with me unprecedented experience by working in or with federal, state and tribal governments. Today we are faced with COVID-19 that has tremendously disrupted our lives. I see what it has done to our members. I have listened to your needs. I know we must do better, and today I reaffirm my commitment to continue working for your needs. My role as a voice is of positive change for our reservation. I speak for those who cannot because I listen. 

The conversation with the money the tribe is set to receive has many regulations. Having you at the table is needed for the conversation and a developed plan. With your help we can amplify our voices of those who can help us realize that the best plan will be pushed forward. Other social and economic needs of our people are many. I stand with you and for you. Real change comes from the people and not by making promises. They are accomplished with determination and commitment to work together. 

James “Jim” McNeely

Browning Position #1

Oki Niksookoowaks! Niistoo Anakok Piita Ohkatok. Niitootoo mii Amakapi Piikani. 

Hello, my name is James “Jim” McNeely, and I am a candidate for BTBC.

I was born, raised and educated on the Blackfeet Reservation. I am married to my wife Marie, we have three children, Dontae, Mathea and Kaysen. My parents are James McNeely Sr., Bonnie Running Wolf Morris and the late Keith “Nick” Morris. My grandparents are the late Melvin and Mattie (Spotted Eagle) Running Wolf and Winnie Salois. My great grandparents are the late George and Annie (Rose) Running Wolf and Francis and Maggie (Blood) Spotted Eagle and Jim and Irene (Racine) Salois.

I have always been active in our community and reservation. I participate in many civil and spiritual activities.

I have always been a man of action and get things done when asked. I believe in giving an answer when asked rather than “beat around the bush.” That is more respectful than to not give an answer at all. If I don’t know something, I will take the time to find out and respond properly.

I take my decision to run for Council very seriously as the decisions the Council makes affects the entire Blackfeet Tribe. There are many issues facing us which include COVID-19, health, safety, law and order, education, housing, trash, economic development, language and culture and others.

The Council is the voice of the people and should work hand in hand with them. Keeping the people informed is a key to being successful. I believe that true change will happen if everyone works together.

Carl Kipp

Seville Position #7

First, I would like to thank the Blackfeet who have supported me in the past. I was first elected to the Council in 1984. At that time, we had the first discussions on the Blackfeet Tribe’s water rights. I have served the Blackfeet people for 10 years with honesty and integrity. I have never misused the authority of the Blackfeet Constitution. I have and I will always represent the views and interests of the Blackfeet Nation with fairness and transparency.

It is my opinion that I am the better Council candidate to serve the Blackfeet people. We are in a very difficult period. The Covid-19 pandemic that the Blackfeet people are facing is a very serious matter. I know that I have the experience, knowledge and wisdom to help us navigate forward. We need to keep the coronavirus from entering the boundaries of the Blackfeet reservation. Further, it is my position that the “data and science” should determine when and how we will reopen the Blackfeet Indian Reservation.

The covid-19 funds the Blackfeet Tribe has received may only be used for the health, wellness and protection of the people of the reservation. The funding guide-lines do not allow per capita type payment; however, the funds may be used to assist those affected by this pandemic.

I will be publishing my views on other issues that are priorities for the Blackfeet.

Lauren Monroe Jr.

Seville Position #7

I bring a number of strengths and skills that will help me with my work for Blackfeet Tribal Business Council (BTBC). My education has equipped me with written and oral communication skills, as well as critical thinking and the ability to translate ideas into action. To date, I have worked extensively in fish and wildlife management, visual art, film, and post-secondary education both on and off the reservation. These experiences have developed my skills in community-based program development, and broadened my knowledge of our Blackfeet ways of knowing, being and doing. 

My interest in promoting our Blackfeet culture, language and history has always been central in my professional work and personal life and will inform how I approach my work as a Councilman. The Blackfeet reservation is my home and always will be. I bring a unique perspective to BTBC as someone who grew up on the reservation and remained connected as I sought education and professional development outside its boundaries. My experiences off the reservation have opened up networks and opportunities that can benefit our people in ways determined by community members. 

One of my main strengths is my drive and passion toward supporting our community in meaningful progress and transformation. I am determined to serve our Blackfeet people in the best way possible, bringing community members’ ideas to Council and advocating for change. 

If elected to BTBC, I will work hard to benefit our community. 

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