Glacier County sold seven EMS vehicles, including two 2015 Chevrolet Suburbans, a flatbead trailer as well as numerous pieces of medical equipment through Belgrade Online Auctions.Com last month.  A check dated July 28 was made out to “Glacier County EMS” for $67,558.34 following the sale of the items. Belgrade Online Auctions.com retained a total commission of $7,567.97 on the sale of the 21 items.

Among the County-owned EMS items sold at the auction, including partial descriptions were:

•2015 Chevrolet Suburban, 4x4, low miles (52,087), tires like new: $18,100.

•2015 Chevrolet Suburban, 4x4, low miles (66,473), tires like new: $17,850.

•Zoll Medical Monitor, $30,000 New: $4,025.

•Zoll Medical Monitor, $30,000: $4,000.

•2012 Chevrolet Duramax Ambulance, Runs Great, Makes a Great Camper or Service Truck: $6,200.

•2002 Chevrolet 4x4 Ambulance, Runs Great, Perfect for Camping: $8,050.

•2008 Polaris 6 Wheel UTV, Very Low Miles (518) with Winch: $7,000.

•1993 Ford F-350 International Diesel, 284,309 miles, Runs Great: $4,875.

•1991 Chevrolet Suburban, Low Miles (101,810), Runs Great, New Battery, Needs Alternator: $3,100.

The Glacier County Commissioners authorized the auction of the county-owned EMS equipment at their meeting on June 17. When asked, Commission Chairman Michael DesRosier stated the Commissioners confirmed the process of selling county assets with County Attorney Terryl Matt. 

When asked if she was consulted by the Commissoners, Matt responded, “I knew about it but I did not advise.”

According to MCA 7-8-2212, if the property has a value of more than $2,500, the sale must be properly noticed under the provisions of MCA 7-1-2121. The latter requires the County to publish a public notice twice, at least six days apart, and the notice must include the date, time and place of the sale and address and telephone number of the person to contact for more information. County officials did not publish the notices. The online sale was held July 2-23.

County officials did not respond to questions asking if the proceeds of the auction sale were deposited in the Glacier County EMS Fund.

County officials also did not respond when asked if the proceeds could be used to pay for the extended warranty requested by the EMS at the Aug. 22 Commissioner meeting for five Zoll monitors still in use by the EMS. The cost of the extended warranty is under $6,000.

Other county-owned EMS items disposed off in the sale were:

•2006 Utility Trailer, High Quality Unit: $1,275.

•Coagucheck Monitor (Price Listed $1,041): $170.

•2 Catheterization Simulator (one new, both listed as $1,211.75): Sold for $95.21 and $95.

•2 New Health-O Meter Scale ($199): Sold for $15 each.

•Stethoscope (listed as $419.98) and Compression Nebulizer (listed as very expensive): $220.

•Electronic Stethoscope (listed as $419.98): $260.

•Detecto Portable Scale (listed as $579 new): $37.50.

•Univent Portable Ventilator (listed as $1,163): $220.

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