Over the last several months, Glacier County Sheriff’s Office has been preparing for the new Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) system training and installation with Application Data Systems, Inc. (ADSi) ADSi has been in business since 1981 and has worked with city, county, state governments across the world with their outstanding software and technology. 

“We are excited for this new system and grateful to the State of Montana 911 for the grant award,” said Sheriff Napi Billedeaux. “The ADSi CAD is linking information to my deputies and staff which was not connected before,” he added. The ADSi CAD system includes record management and the detention software, so all of the GCSO staff has been participating in training of the new system.”

Glacier County was one of 48 certified Public Safety Answering Points (PSAP) awarded a State of Montana grant in fiscal year 2019. During this particular grant cycle, over six million dollars was awarded by the State of Montana 911 program. 

According to Billedeaux, “This is the second upgrade that has taken place in the communication center over the last 15 months. The summer of 2018 the 911 CallWorks call management system was installed. These new technological advances are to offer the best services to the residents of Glacier County, enhance the work environments of GCSO and continue transitioning to Next Generation guidelines.”

Since 1981, ADSi has been under the same ownership, same management, since their inception. The new ADSi CAD system is being purchased through a State of Montana 911 grant award. The ADSi CAD system will enhance officer safety through the interactive databases and offer mobile CAD to the patrol deputies. 

The ADSi software and equipment is a great improvement within the department. All of the staff is excited to learn a new system and continue to move forward on Next Generation programs.

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