Pictured on the left, Board member Daniel Wagner congratulated Lana Wagner on her receiving a certificate in Records Information Management. 

On the right, Salutatorian Tessa Tatsey reflected on her returning to school at a time in her life when she didn’t know what to do. Earning a degree in nursing, she is happy to have a career path that suits her.

For the first time, Blackfeet Community College held their commencement exercises in a large hall. Eschewing the traditional but cramped Blackfeet Elementary setting, the 42nd Commencement was held at the Browning High School gym. There was ample room for friends, family, administrators, staff and instructors, as well as the graduates, with room left over.

Bob Tailfeathers led the incoming procession in traditional garb, accompanied by 2018-19 Miss Blackfeet Piitahki Armstrong and 2018-19 Heart Butte Jr. Princess Chayden BullChild. Administrators, guests, board members, faculty and staff followed, with the 67 graduates filling in the seats on the main floor.

Acting President Carol Murray and Wayne Smith were the emcees, and a hearty welcome was offered by Blackfeet Chairman Tim Davis. Murray introduced the staff and faculty and introduced BCC’s new President, Dr. Karla Bird. Moving on, Murray presented the keynote speaker, Dr. Annie Belcourt, who spoke about her connections to BCC through her family of educators. She recounted her journey through higher education, which resulted in her earning a doctorate.

BCC Board Chairman Jim McNeely introduced the members of the board, and incoming President Karla Bird spoke to the audience about her experiences in earning a doctorate in higher education and her expectations in her new position.

Murray presented the Class of 2019, and Valedictorian Monty Lewis spoke about his time at the college and congratulated the class on sticking with their studies and earning degrees. Salutatorian Tessa Tatsey spoke about returning to college as an older student and how BCC gave her the opportunity to discover her life’s passion and career pathway.

In presenting the certificates and degrees, BCC officials had the honor of presenting many 2+2 bachelor’s degrees in elementary education, early childhood education, post-baccalaureate endorsements in elementary education and early childhood education PK3 in collaboration with the University of Montana-Western. In addition, several students earned Bachelor’s of Social Work degrees through the 2+2 program with the University of Montana.

The graduates and their degrees and certificates follow.

Human Services

Floy Crawford (AA Behavioral Health)

Laura Gobert Larson (AA Criminal Justice)

Gerald Last Star (AA Criminal Justice)

Belinda Jane Day Chief Bull Shoe (AA Criminal Justice-Legal Studies)

Anita Lynn DeRoche (AA Criminal Justice-Legal Studies)

Paula S. Fitzgerald (AA Criminal Justice-Legal Studies)

Jemma Rose Monroe (AA Criminal Justice-Legal Studies)

Raquel R. Vaile (AA Criminal Justice-Legal Studies)

Early Childhood Education

Masala Prellwits (AA Early Childhood Education)

Elementary Education

Everett K. Armstrong (AA Elementary Education)

Anna Irene Armstrong (AA Elementary Education)

Patrick Denny Armstrong (AA Elementary Education)

Marci Burd (AA Elementary Education)

Dawn Renee Marxer (AA Elementary Education)

Dee Dee Spotted Bear (AA Elementary Education)

Liberal Arts

Allison Marie Ann Gobert (AA Liberal Arts)

Melody C. TailFeathers (AA Liberal Arts) 

Piikani Studies

Galen Christopher LaPlante (AA Piikani Studies)


Patsy Cross Guns (AS Accounting)

Rakhee Many White Horses (AS Accounting)

Business Management

Brenda Mehta (AS Business Management)

Lana B. Wagner (AS Business Management)

Environmental Science

Autumn R. Webber (AS Environmental Science)

Health Science

Riawna Marie Gallineaux (AS Health Science)

Sharleen J. Gilham (AS Health Science)

Justine Momberg (AS Health Science)

Autumn R. Webber (AS Health Science)


Amari K. Guardipee (AS Math/Science)


Timothy J. Coe (AS Nursing/ASN)

HogueChryshelda (AS Nursing/ASN)

Nicole Helen Lako (AS Nursing/ASN)

Brittney Rose Racine (AS Nursing/ASN)

Toni Jo Spotted Bear (AS Nursing/ASN)

Crystal St. Goddard (AS Nursing/ASN)

Tessa Rae Tatsey (AS Nursing/ASN)

Roberta W. Young (AS Nursing/ASN)


Talesia D. CrowSpreadsHisWings (AS Pre-Engineering)

Computer Information Systems

Monty Lewis (AAS Computer Information Systems)

Jenna Dawn Powell (AAS Computer Information Systems)

Jonathan Salway (AAS Computer Information Systems)

Melvin Arrow Top (AAS Computer Information Systems)

Leander Lyle Butterfly (AAS Computer Information Systems)

Daniel Wagner (AAS Computer Information Systems)

Office Administration

Rakhee Many White Horses (AAS Office Administration)

Behavioral Health Aide

Helen Dayle Larae Carlson (Cert. Behavioral Health Aide)

Ronnel Lynn Goss (Cert. Behavioral Health Aide)

Shawntyana Bullshoe (Cert. Behavioral Health Aide)

Blackfeet Legal Studies

Belinda Jane Day Chief Bull Shoe (Cert. Blackfeet Legal Studies)

Jemma Rose Monroe (Cert. Blackfeet Legal Studies)

Tribal Advocate

Anita Lynn DeRoche (Cert. Tribal Advocate)

Paula S. Fitzgerald (Cert. Tribal Advocate)

Agri Business

Rose Gobert (Cert. Agri-Business)

John Burton Pickens (Cert. Agri-Business)

Building Trades

Adam Arrow Top Knot (Cert. Building Trades)

Charles I.W. Lafley (Cert. Building Trades)

Records Information Management

Rose Gobert (Cert. Records Information Management)

Lana B. Wagner (Cert. Records Information Management)

Karlene Whitford (Cert. Records Information Management)

University of Montana Western Graduates

2+2 Bachelor of Science Elementary Ed.

Everette Armstrong (Bachelor of Science Elementary Ed.)

Patrick Armstrong (Bachelor of Science Elementary Ed.)

Ashley Burd (Bachelor of Science Elementary Ed.)

Zebah Burdeau (Bachelor of Science Elementary Ed.)

Charles Kennedy (Bachelor of Science Elementary Ed.)

Milyn LazyBoy-Butterfly (Bachelor of Science Elementary Ed.)

Pamela MadPlume (Bachelor of Science Elementary Ed.)

Dawn Marxer (Bachelor of Science Elementary Ed.)

Laura No Runner (Bachelor of Science Elementary Ed.)

Angie Pepion (Bachelor of Science Elementary Ed.)

2+2 Bachelor of Science Early Childhood Ed.

Terra Brauhn (Bachelor of Science Early Childhood Ed.)

2+2 Post-Baccalaureate Endorsement Elementary Ed.

Anna Armstrong (Post-Baccalaureate Endorsement Elementary Ed.)

Patrick Blackweasel (Post-Baccalaureate Endorsement Elementary Ed.)

Marci Burd (Post-Baccalaureate Endorsement Elementary Ed.)

Racquel Little Plume (Post-Baccalaureate Endorsement Elementary Ed.)

David Ricci (Post-Baccalaureate Endorsement Elementary Ed.)

DeRoche, Amy Running Fisher (Post-Baccalaureate Endorsement Elementary Ed.)

Britney Shooter (Post-Baccalaureate Endorsement Elementary Ed.)

2+2 Bachelor of Science Early Childhood Education PK3

Brittney Burns (Bachelor of Science Early Childhood Education PK3)

University of Montana Graduates

2+2 Bachelor’s of Social Work

Terrance J. LaFromboise (Bachelor’s of Social Work)

Melissa K. Pakas (Bachelor’s of Social Work)

Karrie L. Old Chief (Bachelor’s of Social Work)

Amber Williamson (Bachelor’s of Social Work)

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