With the dust having cleared after the Blackfeet Primary, voters are poised to cast their ballots in the General Election set for Tuesday, June 30. As was the case in the Primary, Browning 1-4 and off-Reservation voters will go to the Stick Game Arbor while the remaining districts will vote locally.

Tribal Election Administrator Becky Rosenberger said voters from Browning will arrive in vehicles and approach the Arbor. Those from the four Browning districts who choose to vote inside may do so while following mask and social distancing protocols. Those who choose not to do so may vote from inside their vehicles. Rosenberger said folks in the latter category may either pull up to the outside off-Reservation booth or ask officials at the Arbor to bring out ballots so they can vote from inside their vehicles.

The remaining six precincts will vote mostly in Head Start buildings, Rosenberger said, where voters will enter one-by-one in the front entrance, vote, and exit by another doorway, reducing the possibility of interaction among voters.

Browning Precinct 6 will vote at the Starr School Head Start while Browning Precinct 7 will vote at the Babb Head Start. Heart Butte Precinct 8 votes at the Heart Butte Head Start Center while voters in Seville Precinct 9 will vote at their Head Start Center. Old Agency Precinct 10 votes at the Galbreath Residence, and Old Agency Precinct 11 votes at the East Glacier Park Head Start Center.

The Blackfeet General Election will be held on Tuesday, June 30. Polls are open from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

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