The new poster celebrating Blackfeet Veterans is gaining names and information every day. Last week, this was the total number of names included, but shortly thereafter, Leo Pollock submitted a list of 500 to be added. Folks are encouraged to submit new information to the project.

When it comes to Veterans from Blackfeet Country, everyone agrees there are many, many of them. Indian people in general and Blackfeet people specifically volunteer for military service far more often than any other ethnic group in America. But exactly who they are and were is another matter, and one that Laura Castro of Blackfeet Tourism, Parks & Recreation is working to solve.

Castro started looking for a comprehensive list of Vets so she could create something the community could look at that would recognize their service. To begin with, she decided to design a poster with a list of their names.

But Castro was in for a disappointment. “We don’t really have anything,” she said, “so I decided to do something simple with the poster and use the names we have.”

Having put things in motion seems to have inspired others to contribute to the project. “We got a list of 500 names from Leo Pollock, he’s the new Veterans representative,” she said. When the list is sorted, there should be many more names to add to the poster.

“We’re focused on Glacier Family Foods,” Castro said. “We’ll post it there once it’s ready.”

As an ongoing project, Castro is working with Pollock to gather as many names and as much information as possible. For now, just names, dates and branch of service are being sought, but Castro says she would like to include pictures as well. 

Anyone who has information about a service member is invited to submit that information to Laura Castro at lcastro@blackfeetnation.com, or to call Parks & Recreation at 406-338-7406. Folks can also visit their Facebook page for additional information and contacts.

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