Glacier County Human Resources Director Mike Kittson updated the Glacier County Commissioners at their Oct. 10 meeting about the possibility of hiring a consultant and trainer for the Glacier County Treasurer’s Office.

Kittson said he had talked spoken with Jessica Connolly, a Certified Public Account who lives in St. Regis, and specializes in services to small county governments around the state. Kittson is interested in bringing her in to immediately address and correct the ongoing issues with the school district disbursements and Department of Revenue reporting and other related issues.

After the first of the year, he would also like that individual to provide training for Glacier County Treasurer Galen Galbreath and his staff as well as some staff members in the Clerk and Recorder’s Office. 

Kittson said Connolly’s concern in entering into a contract at this time is conflicts in her schedule that will not allow her to travel to Glacier County on a regular basis. 

He said that he has no problem with the work Bob Denning has done with the Treasurer, but the contract with Denning has concluded. He pointed out Connolly is familiar with the Black Mountain software used by Glacier County and could provide some services remotely, much like Denning, only for a much lower fee, which is still being discussed. He estimated the starting hourly rate would be in the $65 per hour range.

 Commissioner Ron Rides At The Door believes staff of Denning, Downy and Associates has done too much of the work for the Treasurer’s Office, resulting in the treasurer and staff learning very little during the course of the contract. “The Treasurer’s training wheels need to come off,” he said.

Kittson is adamant that Connolly, or whomever is hired, will not do the work, but will serve as a trainer and consultant with a “point of contact within the Treasurer’s Office.”

Connolly said she could provide the needed training and consulting, but only by phone until after the first of the year. 

Commissioner Michael DesRosier said he’d been talking to another CPA who might be willing to come up “a couple times.” He said the person has 17 years experience in another county treasurer’s office and might be a possibility. 

Kittson said that while Connelly had seemed enthusiastic about the contract when he’d first contacted her, in later conversations it seemed her attitude had changed. 

He suggested they table the matter until he found out more, and DesRosier said he would continue to speak to other candidates.

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