Jolene Volkman

Jolene Volkman, one of five candidates for the vacant Glacier County Treasurer’s position, was appointed Chief Deputy of the Treasurer’s Office last week. According to Mike Kittson, Glacier County Human Resource Director, “It was always in the plans to get a leader back in the office.” 

Kittson said he was “appointed by the Board of Commissioners to oversee the personnel in the office.” He asked Volkman if she would accept the Chief Deputy role last week. “(Clerk and Recorder) Glenda (Hall) and I are still in a supervisory role over the office but it helps appointing a lead person for communications with the State of Montana and our Black Mountain software team,” stressed Kittson.

Kittson’s decision to appoint Volkman comes less than two weeks after he advised the county commissioners on April 19 that he would continue to “handle the hours and personnel situations” in the office and Hall would “handle the operation and assisting day-to-day” until possibly June.

Volkman replaces Megan Kriskovich as the Treasurer’s Office chief deputy. According to Kittson, Kriskovich’s appointment was “rescinded” after the resignation of Treasurer Galen Galbreath last December. “The office did not have a chief deputy until Jolene’s appointment,” he said.

“Jolene has been doing tax specialist work … she has been also tasked with increased responsibility in working with the Protested Tax and other duties outside her job description. Her pay has increased to reflect her appointment,” confirmed Kittson. 

Volkman is one of five clerks in the Treasurer’s Office, according to the county’s April 2018 employee list. As chief deputy, Volkman’s hourly rate will be $20.06 per hour, or 90 percent of the county’s elected officials’ wage, Kittson explained. The other four clerks in the Treasurer’s Office earn $18.96 per hour.

“I can say our entire staff in the Treasurer’s Office have shown such drive and commitment over the past few months. Our Browning staff has helped with the increased work in the office with the Browning Satellite Office closing,” he pointed out.

“Each treasurer selects their own chief deputy, therefore upon the election, her status will be up to the new treasurer,” said Kittson. “I would think if she is victorious … she would choose a new chief deputy.”

Other candidates for Glacier County Treasurer are Democrats Paul Anato, Jeri Elliott Johnson and Don Wilson and Sam Luedtke, who is an Independent candidate.

Luedtke’s name will only appear on the General Election ballot and not the upcoming June 8 Primary Election ballot, confirmed Hall last month.

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