A fascinatingly decorated buffalo skull won Sammy Jo Bird first place in the Iinnii Artwork category at BCC last week.

The Medicine Spring Library Art Show began on April 15 and continued for two weeks as scores of artists contributed their works in a variety of categories. Librarian Aaron LaFromboise said scores of artists entered with folks from as young as third grade, through middle school and high school, and adults contributing their creations. This year’s show was presented in collaboration with the Iinnii Initiative, and a separate category was created for entries that feature Iinnii (buffalo). In addition, Blackfeet AtHeART contributed prizes that were awarded to fourth place winners.

The Medicine Spring Library held a reception for the artists on Thursday, April 25, with many activities, including the Quick Draw contest where the contestants were given three words to use in a fast drawing. The contest ended on April 26, coinciding with the Iinnii Film Festival.

The winners are listed below.

2019 Medicine Spring Library Art Show 



1. Hollie Eagle Speaker

2. Paula Bremner

3. Bob Tailfeathers

4. Diana Burd


1. Camdon Croff (tie)

1. William J. Sharp (tie)

3. Michael Fast Buffalo Horse

4. Latiste Bostwick

linnii Artwork

1. Sammy Bird

2. Trey Spotted Bear

3. Latiste Bostwick


1. Michael Fast Buffalo Horse

2. Sammy Bird (tie)

2. Ernest Marceau (tie)

4. Nina Rock


1. Michael McCutcheon

2. Miriah DeRoche

3. Nina Rock

4. Georgia Bremner


1. Robert Esquivel & Gilbert Aimsback

2. Lola Wippert

3. Diana Burd

4. Belinda Bullshoe


1. Howard Pepion (tie)

1. Dianna Arnoux Whiteman & Chee Chee Whiteman (tie)

3. William J. Sharp

4. Robert Esquivel & Gilbert Aimsback

Quick Draw

1. Adrian Wagner

2. Tyisha Arrow Top Knot

3. John Marceau

People’s Choice

1. Kimberly N. Old Chief 

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