The entire Clear Choice Mobile Clinic crew who visited the Southern Piegan Health Clinic included Michelle Reimer, Executive Director; Rhonda Fisher, Medical Assistant; Sarah Rolfing, RN; Roberta Wagner, Southern Piegan; Mark Jacobs, Driver; and Kent Reimer, Driver.

The Clear Choice Clinic opened in 2007 in Kalispell, offering pregnancy testing, limited ultrasound, and options education for women. In 2012, STD testing and treatment was added to the scope of services, expanding care to include both women and men. Since 2007, Clear Choice Clinic has provided care to over 4,100 men and women, with positive exit reviews from over 99 percent of patients surveyed.

Last week, the Clear Choice Mobile Clinic visited the Southern Piegan Health Center on its maiden voyage to various communities. “This is our first time here,” said Executive Director Michelle Reimer. “We just built our mobile clinic in May and this is our first trip…We came today to meet with Southern Piegan; this is a get to know you trip.”

Offering free and low cost medical services brought in calls from folks in Browning, as well as Eureka, Libby and Polson, but without the mobile unit, many people found it impossible to access them in Kalispell.

“I got tired of saying no,” Reimer said. “We don’t have an agenda; we built the mobile clinic to fill a need. There’s no local option people are comfortable with, and they can’t get to Kalispell. We want to meet the needs, answer questions and suggest lifestyle changes to avoid problems.”

Clear Choice plans to come to Browning every other week. While they prefer to have people schedule appointments, Reimer said they will also take walk-ins. “We’re prepared to see patients, and we hope the costs are low enough not to be a barrier.”

Pregnancy tests are free, as well as tests for gonorrhea and Chlamydia. Other STD tests cost as little as possible, and patients can talk to professionals who will assess their historic and current sexual history to determine how much risk each presents and which tests would be appropriate.

The first visit went well, with visits from school nurses and the CHRs. “Everyone’s been very warm and welcoming,” Reimer said. “We were thrilled with the reception.”

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