Late on Tuesday, June 9, or early on June 10, an unknown person or persons wreaked havoc on the baseball diamond in Browning, toppling the fence, crushing a dugout and damaging the playing field.

In the wake of the Blackfeet 4-H Barn being ransacked, last week the Blackfeet Tribe’s Facilities Director Donna Yellow Owl was shocked to discover Browning’s baseball-softball diamond was vandalized. Not only a dugout, but also the fence and grounds were damaged.

“It was discovered this morning, so I am assuming it happened last night or in the early morning sometime, I can’t really say,” Yellow Owl commented on Wednesday, June 10.

While she said she didn’t know if the incident was being investigated, she said, “I did ask a couple of people who lived up that way if they’d seen or heard anything, but no one did.”

As Browning’s sole ballpark, the loss will be felt throughout the community.

“It’s really sad that someone did this,” Yellow Owl said. “With everything we are going through with COVID-19 and the restrictions on outside and/or youth activities, baseball was one of the activities that was being looked into. There are very few youth activities under the CDC guidelines because of COVID-19, and even if baseball was an option, now we can’t because someone destroyed it.” 

Although repairing the damage is possible and likely, the prevalence of such destructive behavior at this point in time can be discouraging.

“Before we can bring young students there we would have to make sure it’s fixed and in a good, healthy and safe condition,” she said. “Yes, it’s fixable and that’s probably what will happen, but to fix it just to know someone will destroy it puts a damper on things. Growing up and enjoying baseball myself, I remember the families like the Jordans, KickingWomans, Kipps and Skunkcaps, just to name a few, who always played ball there and who took great pride in the care of that field, and to see it destroyed like that, really saddens me.”

Anyone with information on the vandalism is encouraged to contact Blackfeet Law Enforcement Services at 406-338-4000.

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