As of the close of filing for the 2020 BTBC Primary last week, the unofficial list of candidates grew to 61, including 20 from Browning Position #1, 12 from Heart Butte Position #5, 18 from Seville Position #7 and 11 from Old Agency Position #9.

In Browning, incumbent Timothy Francis “Kink” Davis is being challenged by Patrick “Pat” Schildt, Patricia Jean “JayBird” Calflooking, Joseph John “Joe” McKay, Joseph Allen Kipp, Timothy James “Tim” Sure Chief, William James “Jim” Polk, Carl “Little Man” George Pepion, William L. “Bill” Cadotte, Leroy Joseph Oldmanchief (Rabbit), Sheldon Lawrence Ground, Ronald “Ron” Kevin Trombley, Carter Lee Gallineaux Sr., Roy Roger Crawford Jr., Angelina Plume Kipp (Vaile), Bruce Allen Runningcrane, Tammy Jean Boyiddle, Wendy Louise Bullchild (Little Dog), James Anthony Dusty Bull “Jay” (Buckskin) and James “Jim” McNeely.

In Heart Butte, incumbent Terry Joseph Tatsey is being challenged by Virgil Clyde Last Star, Forrestina “Frosty” Little Dog Calf Boss Ribs, Christy Lynn Horn, Harold J. (Spotted Eagle) Calf Robe, Adrien Owen Wagner, Sheldon D. Williamson (Snoop), David F. Spotted Eagle Sr., Darrell Eugene “Dusty” Crawford, Clarence Francis “Googs” Comes At Night, Emerald Fred “Beep” Grant and Clifford Johnson “Braidman” Tailfeathers.

Moving on to Seville, incumbent Carl Dennis Kipp is being challenged by Leon Vielle, James “Jimmy” St. Goddard, Craig Lee Falcon, Frederick “Fred” Guardipee, Wayne A. Hall, William “Poly” Grant, Delphine Bird, Lauren James Monroe Jr., David Lee Mountain Chief, Glen Mathew Still Smoking (Four Eagles), Ronald “Ron” Roy Rides At The Door, Candace Lynn “Candy Carl” Wagner, Victor “Vic” Lee Hall, William “Bill” Grayson Old Chief, Michael Joseph “Mike” Loring, Percy Jul-ian Gobert and George Melvin West Wolf “Ceana.”

Finally, from Old Agency incumbent Roland Kennerly Jr. is facing challengers Marvin Richard Weatherwax Jr., Robert Dale “Bobby” Dubray, Ronald “Smiley” Kittson, Cheryl Lynn “Katoosaki” Little Dog, Ter-ry J. “TJ” Show, Ervin C. Carlson, Tony Sinclair Sr. and Wanda Sue Wagner

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