Illegal dumping is to be found in remote locations around the Reservation. Among the waste is often large amounts of construction waste. Last week a team of Manpower and Environmental workers, drove to assorted locations throughout the Reservation to clean up the mess.

Last week saw a team of Blackfeet Manpower workers driven to illegal dumping sites around the Reservation and cleaning up the refuse. 

“So far the pictures are from Ick’s, behind the Starr School Gym, by the twin tower apartments, the monument outside town, the Boarding School swimming site, west of Flat Iron in the field, Heart Butte Government Square, Eagle Shields fence, Thunder Skate Park and the old dump road by Boarding School turnoff,” Wendy Bullchild of Blackfeet Manpower said.

Blackfeet Councilman Mark Pollock was instrumental in arranging the effort.

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