The store portions of Browning’s Town Pump, above, and Coop’s Corner, at right, are closed due to possible COVID-19 exposure. See story at right. Folks with credit or debit cards can still refuel at their pumps as both Coop’s and Town Pump address compliance requirements with Incident Command requirements for reopening their stores.

Last week, Blackfeet Incident Command told Town Pump and Coop’s Corner in Browning to shut down operations due to possible COVID-19 exposure. Both will remain shut down until they meet certain criteria for reopening.

As of press time, on Monday, July 13, both businesses were open for folks wanting to refuel their vehicle, provided they can pay at the pump with a credit or debit card. The store portion of the businesses were still closed.

The necessary criteria, according to Public Information Officer Eileen Galbreath, includes a complete store sanitation and having all employees tested for COVID-19 with negative results being reported. Assuming those criteria have been met, they may reopen inside services, subject to Ordinance 121 requirements for masks and social distancing.

While no plans have been submitted for Coop’s Corner, Galbreath said that Town Pump had a sanitation crew working on Wednesday, July 8, with cleaning agents and sanitation sprayers for the pumps. Two essential deliveries were slated for Thursday, July 9, for food items, with the drivers having been registered as an essential service delivery.

The virus has not only shut down those businesses, Blackfeet Family Services and Blackfeet Housing were at least partially shut down, pending a compliance report to Incident Command.

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