Some of those inducted into the Young Buffalo Society on Oct. 16 included, pictured top, from left, Christine Trombley, JillAnn Surechief, Kelsey Mad Plume, Chalissa Kipp, Ali Archambault, Payton Crossguns and Brianna Polk. Pictured bottom, from left, John Murray, Weslee Pree, Chucky Brave Rock, Gabe Walker, Ashton Flamond and Dominick IronPipe.

Folks began to gather in the Cafetorium at Browning High School around 3 p.m. on Wednesday, Oct. 16, as new members were inducted into the Young Buffalo Society. Chief Earl Old Person participated in the ceremonies with song and stories while new members had their faces painted.

The Young Buffalo Society was formed last year in collaboration with Dr. Vicky Howard of the University of Montana Western and Dee Hall of Blackfeet Community College. Together with Karla Whitegrass Trombley of BHS, they landed a grant that birthed the Society, now in its second year of existence. 

Members of the Society get placed into Browning schools where they act as student aides.

“It’s to get them interested in becoming an educator,” said Trombley, head of the program in Browning Schools. “Like a Teacher’s Assistant, they help teachers. It gives them hands-on experience where they interact with the kids so they’ll know if this might be something they would want to do as a career.”

Members receive three college credits from BCC, credits on their high school record and hours that contribute to their community service requirements.

New students are selected based on being positive role models in the community and school, their Grade Point Average and extra-curricular activities. They are nominated by the teachers at BHS.

The Young Buffalo Society’s new and returning inductees include Taylee Rides At The Door, Ashton Flamond, Ali Archambault, McKenna Magee, Christine Trombley, Dulci Skunkcap, Payton Crossguns, Kelsie Burns, John Murray, Chucky BraveRock, Preston Tatsey, Keelee Bearchild, Chalissa Kipp, Gabe Walker, Calia Tatsey-Ehlers, Joyce Kemmer, Breanna Polk, Cicily Henderson, Kesley Madplume, Grace Head, Weslee Pree, Angel Kennerly, Rendi-Jo Madplume, Dominick IronPipe, Sequoia Butterfly, Dale Immenschuh, JillAnn Surechief, Latrell Bullchild, Frankey Mittens, Tamika Guardipee, Arena Matt and Peyote Mestheth-Campos.

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