As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, Public Information Officer Jim McNeely noted the Tribe has extended many of its protocols until further notice.

“Chewing Blackbones was closed because people weren’t following social distancing rules,” said McNeely, noting Blackfeet Manpower is in charge of the campground and has not announced any time for reopening. In addition, previous closures of Tribal offices, stay-at-home orders, prohibition of gatherings of more than 25 people, following CDC rules and wearing masks in public have been extended until further notice.

In addition, the Tribe has increased its CARES Act direct funding to $500 per Tribal member. McNeely states, “The application process is still in the works and will be finalized in the next few days, and where to access an application will be posted. This supplement is for all tribal members ages 0 and up and for those who live on and off the Blackfeet Reservation.”

Folks wondering about child enrollment and custody questions should contact the Tribal Enrollment Department at (406) 338-3533.

He notes that there will be a three to four-week turnaround for processing, and when the application is ready, folks should use their current mailing address. The Blackfeet Manpower Program will assist with the elderly and disabled to obtain an application when they are ready. The manner of check distribution is still being finalized and will be posted, but there will be no direct deposit; only checks will be sent out.

Finally, rules for bow and rifle hunting season have been decided. 

The Tribal bow season runs from Sept. 5 to Oct. 9 while the rifle season runs from Oct. 10 to Dec. 20.

There are some Special Tribal Lottery Hunting Tags available. For bow hunting there are three moose tags available at $5 per chance with a limit of $200 per person and three elk tags available at $5 per chance with a limit of $200 per person. Bow lottery tags went on sale Aug. 21 through Sept. 3, and the drawing will be held Sept. 4.

For rifle hunting there are five moose tags available at $5 per chance with a limit of $200 per person and five elk tags available at $5 per chance with a limit of $200 per person, as well as one Bighorn Sheep Tag at $10 per chance with a limit of $500 per person.

Rifle lottery tags go on sale Sept. 5 through Oct. 8, and the drawing will be held Oct. 9.

Due to COVID-19, Tribal members are required to purchase their tags online at or by calling the Blackfeet Fish and Wildlife Department at (406) 338-7207 or (406) 338-2430. Once tribal enrollment is verified, hunters can pick up their tags at the office or if you live out-of-town they can be mailed to you. Please purchase your hunting licenses early if you wish to receive them in the mail.

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