There were just two items on the agenda at the March 23 meeting of the Glacier County Commissioners at the Satellite Office in Browning. 

Marty Woolf, Sextant for the West End Cemetery District, was on hand for the West End Cemetery agenda item. Chairwoman Mary Jo Bremner began the discussion by saying the Commissioners were trying to get a new backhoe and looking into the possibility that the latest COVID-19 funding might be used to purchase one.

Woolf said he’d talked with Human Resources Director Mike Kittson about his overtime pay. Woolf said for years when he would have a Saturday funeral, he would take a day off during the week to save the county from paying him overtime. But then he was told he’d have to take leave during the week instead, meaning the county owes him overtime.

Woolf had submitted a letter of resignation to Chairwoman Bremner giving his two weeks’ notice.Instead, Woolf said he was resigning that day.

“I’m done,” he said. “I can’t take this anymore.”

Asked when he would get paid, Bremner said he should determine how much he was owed, including his time at the meeting that day.

Commissioner Michael DesRosier stated there would be “paperwork to fill out” and said he should meet to determine his separation pay and benefits.

Chairwoman Bremner said the Cemetery District’s governing board should be the ones to make these decisions, noting the board is short one member. 

“We need a functioning board,” she said. “The board should be running things like paying you. They’re a quasi-governmental body, but they’ve never approached us.”

“It would be good to get them functioning,” Woolf replied.

Asked if there was someone trained to do his work in his absence, Woolf said Nick Whitcomb would be able to fill in. He said there were no funerals scheduled that week.

Bremner told Woolf to tell Whitcomb to apply for his full-time position, noting it would have to be advertised as well. She said the Commissioners would meet with the board that week.

“I really appreciate your work over the years,” Bremner told him. “It’s hard, emotional work, and I’m sad for this situation.”

“I want to say thanks for the community and thanks for my family,” DesRosier added.

Also on the March 23 agenda was “Commissioner Concerns.” Bremner said her concern was that meetings in Browning should be carried online using the GoTo app, which allow viewers to ask questions and interact with the Commissioners. 

Commissioner John Overcast was not in attendance at the meeting, but Commissioner DesRosier said it should be a simple matter since all that is needed is Internet access.

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