Blackfeet Nation Boxing Club co-owners Frankie and Ember Kipp are seen attending the opening of the ESPN documentary featuring their organization at the Big Sky Documentary Film Festival.

We’re still here after 21 years,” Blackfeet Nation Boxing Club and Youth Center co-owners Frankie and Ember Kipp said. Fresh off their having won the Stuart Scott ENSPIRE Award for their “unique way to help the disadvantaged through sports,” the organization was also featured in an ESPN documentary. Titled “Blackfeet Boxing: Not Invisible,” the film earned first place at the Big Sky Documentary Film Festival as well as an Emmy for Outstanding Short Sports Documentary.

“They asked us about teaching girls to defend themselves,” Frankie said of ESPN’s having approached them about making a film. “I was afraid for the girls maybe being a victim of domestic violence, and a few we taught almost had domestic violence happen. But their husbands don’t do that no more,” he laughed. “That in itself is success.”

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