A regular meeting of the Browning Schools Board of Trustees was held on Wednesday, April 24. The meeting was called to order at 5:10 p.m. with a full quorum. There was no quorum at the noon session at transportation. 

Staff receiving recognition included: Joey Aimsback, Merlin Birdrattler, Nathaniel Birdrattler, Jamie Bullcalf, Lisa Bullcalf, Wayne Bullcalf, Joseph Bullshoe, Edward Burke, Teri DeRoche, Desirae Flammond, Brenda Guardipee, Rachel Guerrero, Marguerite Higgins, Phillip Higgins, Keith Kicking Woman, Deanna Lahr, Corhie Lorenzo, Betty Loya, Francis Lazy Boy, Gayle RidesAtTheDoor, Ella Wall,Wes Wells, Joseph Wippert, RyanWood, and Kimberly TatseyMcKay.

The Regular Board Minutes ofApril 9 were approved with no changes. The board agenda was approved moving Mary CalfLooking, Fulltime Assistant Cook-KW Vina to elementary and removing Purchase of Coach Bus From Hartley Buses ($160,000). 

Public comment was heard from Joyce Spoon Hunter and Dan Connelly. 

The following BuildingReports were presented: Child Nutrition-Warehouse-Copy Center; Curriculum & Instruction; Attendance Report; Parent-Community Outreach-Childcare; Good Medicine Program; Native American Studies/Blackfeet Language; Activities Department; Technology Department; Transportation Department and Maintenance-Facilities-Construction Department. 

Items reviewed during the Superintendent’s Report included: SuperintendentUpdate; HR Status Update March 19, 2019; Coaching Status Report; Audit Exit Report-Angela Holmes-Denning, Downey &Associates and Update Impact Aid Budgets, Adopted Budgets, Grant Budgets for Elementary and High School. 

Resignations were accepted from Carrie Spotted Bear, Teacher Assistant-Special Education, effectiveApril 26, and Leo Bird, Science Teacher, effectiveMay 31. 

The following hirings for the 2019-2020 school year were approved pending successful background checks/ drug tests: Mary Calflooking, Fulltime AssistantCook; Sydney St. Goddard, Family Engagement Coordinator; Amy Running Fisher, Teacher - KW; Taylor Crawford, Teacher-Browning Elementary; Jennifer DeRoche, Teacher-Browning Elementary; Sherina Whitford, Teacher-Napi Elementary; Lynnell Bullshoe, Student Support-Parent Outreach Support, BHS (Dean of Students); Ginny Crawford, School Psychologist; Virgil BullShoe, Special Education Teacher; Good Medicine Staff 2019-2020 list attached($61,856). 

Contract ServiceAgreements included: Milyn Lazy Boy, Temporary Teacher-Napi 2018-2019($5,070); Angie Pepion, Paint Murals on Gymnasium Walls at KW($760) and Jeremy Johnson, Paint Murals in BHS Locker Rooms 20172-108($1,920).

Out of state travel was approved for Jo Ann Powell, AVID 2019 Summer Conference in San Diego,Calif., ($3,398.60); Karleen Whitegrass, Ansel Traynor, Brenda Hoyt, Melody Small, RobertBremner, 45-BHS Students, Seattle, Wash., for Senior Class Trip($25,498.50) and Ben Steele, Lincoln Electric Training Center in Reno, Nev., ($2,964.84).

In StateTravel was approved for Tonia Tatsey, Rebecca Rappold On-Site Visit in Anaconda, ($352.74); Tonia Tatsey, Rebecca Rappold, 2019 MBI Summer Institute at MSU in Bozeman ($1,605.72 each); Kimberly Tatsey-McKay, GMP Montana SOARS/Project Aware Summit ($504.78); Robert Hall, Class 7 Language and Culture Teachers’ Workshop in Bozeman, ($162.02) and Corrina Guardipee-Hall, Travel In-University of Western Graduation in Dillon, ($519.72).

Other items approved included: Contract Modification-Egan Black, Elementary Teacher-BMS 2019-2020 ($2,103); Wage Modification-Sydney St. Goddard, Family Engagement Coordinator 2019-2020 ($730); Student Attendance Agreement 2019-2020; BHS Cheerleading Club, Club Sponsors-Katie McDonald, Mistee RidesAtTheDoor and Goals/ Objectives 2018-2019 ($148.35); BHS Football Club, Club Sponsor-Ansel Traynor, Goals & Objectives 2018-2019 ($148.35); Heart Butte and Cut Bank Rodeo Team Request to Join BHS Rodeo Team; Substitute Eligibility List 2018-2019; Contract Modification-Crystal Tailfeathers, Federal Grants Compliance Specialist, 2018-2019 ($1,020); Approve Makeup Day for March 27, 2019 and Amend 2018-2019 AY Calendar; Amend MOU Between BPS Teacher Federation on MOU for Speech Pathologist & School Psychologist Wage; Final Reading - Board Policy #5251 Resignations; MQEC Membership FY2020 ($2,500); Permission for Cut Bank Bus to Enter District 9 Route #1 Sweetgrass 2018-2019; Permission for Heart Butte Bus to Enter BPS District 9 Route #1 Little Badger 2019-2020; Permission for Heart Butte Bus to Enter BPS District 9 Route #2 Old Agency 2019-2020; Approve 2019-2020 SY Routes-Buses-Mileage; Eagle Singer Sports, Staff Appreciation 2018-2019; Staff Appreciation 2018-2019 ($15,000); Purchases Over $10,000; District Claims Check #420639 - #420762 ($362,325.68); Student Activities Claims Check #703742 - #703754 ($5,434.08) and Additional Pays-Payroll.

The meeting was adjourned at 6:26 p.m.

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