Youngsters were joined with their parents and elder relations in seeing their bicycles put into perfect condition, as well as having some 70 bikes given away.

“Wow, those bikes went out the door really fast!” said a volunteer with the “Bikes for the Blackfeet” event held on Saturday, May 4, at the Buffalo Hide Academy in Browning. The brainchild of Essential Eats Distributors (EED) in Missoula, the event brought 70 new bicycles to the first kids in line that day, as well as a host of bicycle repair folks who split into two rooms, one for general repair and the other for tires. 

Loads of kids, parents and relatives moved in and out of the building, with broken bicycles going in and repaired units brought out. The streets around the Academy were blocked off so they could ride their new mounts in safety, as well as play some bicycle polo.

EED was joined by several other individuals and organizations in hosting the event. Some of those included Missoula Bicycle Works, Browning Public Schools, Buffalo Hide Academy, Blackfeet Community College (Drew Landry and crew),  Merlin Running Crane and his Heart Butte crew, Meg Wicher, Everett Armstrong and Rae, Butte Bike Lab, Roy Caldwell, Queen City Wheelhouse, Bozeman Bike Kitchen, Kalispell Walmart, Daybreak Rotary, Steve Catir and crew, St. Pat’s Providence Hospital, Benefis Health Care of Great Falls, Kalispell Trauma Center, Montana Conservation Corps of Helena, Michael Mott Graphic Design, Blackfeet Tribal Business Council and Chairman Davis for stopping by and supporting the work of EED.

“Bikes for the Blackfeet” is the second iteration of the event, the first having happened last year in Heart Butte.

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