After 21 years on the board and two terms as president of the Montana Golf Association, Steven Sherburne was named to the organization’s Hall of Fame last week. 

East Glacier Park’s Steven Sherburne was inducted into the Montana Golf Association Hall of Fame last week. His family had a small ceremony outside the living room window, and his rating buddies, as well as three of the members of the Golf Association who drove up all the way from Billings, were there to celebrate with him.

Steven’s daughter, Mac-kenzie Sherburne, said, “Ray Croff played the Blackfeet warrior song, and everyone congratulated him, and laughter and tears of joy were had by all. It was such a lovely day, and we are so proud of all dad has done.”

With a rich history in the sport, Mackenzie spoke of her father’s life-long commitment to furthering opportunities for future golfers.

“Dad was a part of the MSGA for 21 years,” Mackenzie said. “He said he started because he was interested in the specifics of golf. Dad worked as the chief executive rater, state executive rater, and he was president of the MSGA for two terms. His proudest moment as president was when he united the Montana State Golf Association and the Women’s Montana Golf Association together, making it possible for women to be on the board for the first time in the history of the organization.”

The last four months of Steven’s life have been full of challenges as he encountered a form of cancer that put him into chemotherapy. Now, he’s back at home with his daughter and family, and he’s feeling better.

“We are so grateful to be home,” Mackenzie said. “We seem to be relatively through the extremely high humidity that had settled in on our family (as absolutely everything made us cry). I think this was partially due to processing the bleak picture the doctors have to paint when you turn away from medical advice with such an aggressive type of cancer and partially because we are all so relieved to be getting off of the nightmare-ish roller coaster we have been on for the past four months.

“Dad is feeling a lot better and is so relieved to be home, as are mom and I,” she continued. “His appetite is back, he is sleeping and he is in so much less pain. He is much more lucid and getting his sense of humor back, which is so lovely to see. We would have started the next round of chemo today, and we all know that it was the right decision to stop.”

With Steven back in their lives, the Sherburnes are doing all they can to make the most of their time together.

“For those of you who know dad, he doesn’t collect trinkets or much of anything,” Mackenzie said. “We would love it if people could send him little trinkets or photos or fun things to help us bring life into his bedroom and the living room and remind him of the wonderful people in his life. He has been loving seeing how much of a difference he has made in people’s lives.”

If people in Browning want to send a video message to Steven, they can send them to, or they can send a note to Steven Sherburne, P.O. Box 168, East Glacier Park, MT 59434.

In addition, the family has started a GoFundMe page to raise money for homeopathic and natural healing experts, who are not covered by insurance. 

To donate, please visit 

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