General Manager of Native American Bank Jaime Bechel proudly pinned a National Honor Society emblem onto Alexis Tailfeathers, one of this year’s inductees.

Browning High School (BHS) hosted the first virtual National Honor Society (NHS) induction ceremony on May 6 via Google meets. Fifty-seven new inductees are joined with the current 31 NHS members. Current members are Justin Andersen, Noah Berthleson, Tyson BirdRattler, Chucky BraveRock, Latrell Bull Child, Hailey Bullshoe, Alena Burdeau, Kelsi Burns, Mishayla Croff, Payton CrossGuns, Latasha Fitzgerald, Caelin Guardipee, Tamika Guardipee, Cicily Henderson, Joyce Kemmer, Angel Kennerly, Chalissa Kipp, Christopher Kipp, Lane LongTimeSleeping, Kelsey MadPlume, McKenna Magee, BreeAnna Polk, Christopher Reevis, Maurlee Rider, Taylee RidesAtTheDoor, Katie Running Wolf, Dulci SkunkCap, Alexander Small, Brynnlee St. Goddard, Gabel Walker and Maddalyn Whitright.

Congratulations to our newly inducted BHS NHS members: Jacy Archambault, Bella Arnoux, Kaeliyah BearMedicine, Whitley Bird, Lawrence BirdRattler, Cody Boggs, RedSky Boggs, Abby BullCalf, Carlos Burdeau, Eddie Burke, Joseph BullShoe, Sequoia Butterfly, Quentin Campos, Cody Carlson, Kaelyn Coursey, Aria Crawford, Bonnie CrowSpreadsHisWings, Ashton Flamand, Brilee Gallup, Jacob Glaze, Jacelynn Hannon, Brandi Harwood, Grace Head, Hailie Higgins, Kiara Iron Heart, Dominick IronPipe, Luke Juneau, Benjamin Kittson, Ty Kittson, Katie LaBuff, Shawnell LaForge, Josiah Lahr, Larissa Lahr, Duston Louis, Rendi-Jo MadPlume, Arena Matt, Mary McLaughlin, Ellauissa Michell, Mikel Morris, Jaina OldChief, Miesha Reevis, Brennyn RunningCrane, David Sharp, Alyssa Skjold, Jeffrey SkunkCap, Paul Small, Trey Smith, Caroline Spotted Eagle, Tia Spotted Eagle, Alexis Tailfeathers, Ozlyn TalksDifferent, Callia Tatsey-Ehlers, Paris Vaile, Gianna Vickers, Brittney Wagner and Conner WhiteGrass.

The ceremony began with a welcome from BHS Principal Jennifer LaFromboise-Wagner and NHS Advisor Darcy Skunkcap. An introduction was given by Mrs. Skunkcap on the importance of the pillars of character, service, leadership and scholarship. The inductees were given the pledge to recite; then a family member was invited to pin the inductee and present them with their award.

Acting Chairman of the Blackfeet Tribal Business Council Scott Kipp gave each inductee praise and congratulations; NHS President Lane Long Time Sleeping gave words of wisdom to all the current and new members of NHS, and Mrs. LaFromboise-Wagner gave a praise yell.

This virtual induction is historic, and these fine young scholars will remember that during the COVID-19 Pandemic of 2020, they were still acknowledged publicly for their outstanding scholarship. They were able to cherish these memories with their loved ones at their homes along with their classmates via Google meets.

These fine young people exhibit character, service, leadership and scholarship upon entering Browning High School. All students are eligible to apply after successfully completing three consecutive semesters with a 3.00 grade point average. Our future is definitely looking bright with all the above mentioned Browning High School National Honor Society members!

Thank you to all the students and families who helped make this historic virtual event happen! In the fall we will honor this moment with a display. I am honored and privileged to work with the students and families as the adviser; you are all amazing, helpful and dedicated to making Browning High School successful.

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