Swirls of color graced the dance floor as the Veterans Color Guard stood vigil in the center of the arena, which was directed by Lucky Whitegrass.

Amid impending rainstorms, the second annual Blackfeet Veterans July 4 Powwow got underway with hundreds of visitors at Chewing Blackbones Campground at Lower St. Mary Lake. “It took a year to plan,” Blackfeet Manpower Director George Kipp IV said. “The whole staff was involved.”

To put it together, the folks at Manpower have been conducting community events and fundraisers, as well as engaging some financial partners, and the results were good.

“It turned out well,” Kipp said, and noted that Chief Earl Old Person manned the emcee mic from start to finish, talking about the history of the songs and societies of the Blackfeet people. Kipp also praised Lucky Whitegrass for keeping things moving as Arena Director, as well as TJ LaFromboise who acted as emcee, and Gayle Skunkcap and Wind Dancer Tunes that provided the sound.

There were a dozen drums at the event, growing to 14 at the second Grand Entry, as well as hundreds of Veterans.

Although some have said they’d like to see the powwow run for more days, Kipp says for now it will remain a one-day event, slated for the Wednesday of the week before Indian Days.

(Editor’s Note: On the list of winners, the hard working and dedicated folks at Manpower couldn’t make out many of the scribbles left behind by the dancers, so there are gaps, first names and abbreviations. However, many categories are complete and a list of the missing may be forthcoming. See results below.) 

Winners of Blackfeet Manpower’s 2nd Annual Veterans Powwow

Golden Age Men

1. Dave Brown Eagle

2. John Bird

3. Allen Roy Pay

Golden Age Women

1. Diana Plume

2. Marshalene Last Star

3. Annie M.H. Burnside

Adult Sr. Men Chicken

1. Robert Chippie 

Adult Sr. Men


1. Sheldon S

Adult Sr. Men Grass

2. Ron Kickingwoman

3. Will Wesley

Adult Jr. Men


2. Isaiah Potts

3. Maurice St. Goddard

Adult Jr. Men Grass

1. Buddy Omeasoo

3. Dakota M.

Adult Sr. Women Jingle

1. Paula Shebala

2. Paula WeaselHead

3. Marilyn Contois

Adult Sr. Women Fancy

1. Michelle S.

2.  C.

3.  Naomi Billedeaux

Adult Jr. Women Jingle

2. Julianne ScabbyRobe

3. Jennifer

Teen Men Chicken

1. Leoyne

2. Caius B.B

Teen Men Traditional

1. Dion CrazyBull

2. James Michell

Teen Men Grass

1. Xaviar Bolton

2. P.D.

Teen Men Fancy

1. Dave

2. Josh Skunkcap

Teen Women


1. Okesrus Shebala

2. Rue Croff

3. Lila L-Chief

Teen Women Jingle

1. Hailee Lamott

2. Dani Hardesty

3. Kodi WeaselHead

Teen Women Fancy

1. Jerci McEvers

2. Violet WhiteGrass

Junior Boys Chicken

1. Lehnox

2. Dane

3. Ed

Junior Boys Traditional

1. Nobahe

2. Chanceson TailFeathers

3. Tatdence

Junior Boys Grass

1. Andre Lamb

2. William Fisher

3. Talent

Junior Boys Fancy

1. Darius

2. Mikey

3. Keshaun

Junior Girls


1. Averiona SkunkCap

2. Jasper WhiteGrass

3. Willena WhiteGrass

Junior Girls Jingle

2. Kaylie TailFeathers

3. Tya SpoonHunter

Junior Girls Fancy

1. Shandin Shebala

2. Kaitlyn Hammett

Extreme Warrior Race Men

1. Isaiah Webber

2. Stormee Lee Kipp

3. Emmette DustyBull

Extreme Warrior Race Women

1. Jayce Carlson

2. Kathy Webber

4. Veronica Reed

Head Dancer Men

Aarie E. MadPlume

Head Dancer Women

Daisey Sherman


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