According to Browning Schools Superintendent Corrina Guardipee-Hall, “Browning School District No. 9 Board of Trustees voted unanimously to move our funds from the County to our own account on Oct. 1, 2019.” Guardipee-Hall continued, “We are making this move in response to the growing concerns about the financial stability of Glacier County and the ability to sell our Impact Revenue Bonds at a rate beneficial to the buyer and the District. This could not have happened unless we secured our funds away from the County. 

“We want to say this has nothing to do with our confidence in the Glacier County Commissioners and the County itself. We strongly support both and hope that in doing this, it will help them,”  she added. For more news from the Sept. 10 board meeting, see story below.

School Board Summary

The following is a summary of the Sept. 10 meeting of the Browning Schools Board of Trustees. 

The board meeting con vened at 5:00 p.m. with a full quorum. The regular board minutes of Aug. 28 were approved with no changes. The board agenda was approved, removing the video presentation by Ms. Blackfeet. There was no public comment. 

Staff recognitions: Jennifer LaFromboise-Wagner, William Heubsch, Kari McKay. 

The following Building Reports were reviewed: KW Vina-Tonia Tatsey; Browning Elementary-Sheila Hall; Napi Elementary-Sicily Bird; Browning Middle School-Angela Heavy Runner; Browning High School-Jennifer Wagner; Babb Elementary Board-Billie Jo Juneau; Big Sky and Glendale Colonies-Natasha Siliezar; Alternative Schools-Matthew Johnson; Special Services-Maureen Stott. 

Superintendent’s Report: Review Policy #3230 Student Drivers; Review Graduation Policy #4500 & Recommended Changes; Discuss Review Date for 4000 Series Policies; BPS Strategic Plan 2019-2020; HR Status Update and Coach Status Update 2019-2020. 

Resignations were accepted from: Cassandra Finn, Assistant Volleyball Coach-BHS effective 8-19-2019; Dee Dee Spotted Bear, Teacher Assistant-Napi, effective 8-22-2019; Earl Tail Jr., Football Coach-Napi, Effective 8-27-2019; Kimberly Wippert, Security Patrol-Facilities, Effective 8-27-2019; Richard L. Sinclair - Substitute, Effective 8-27-2019; Joseph Wippert, Bus Driver, Transportation, Effective 9-4-2019 and David Ricci, Athletic Coordinator-Napi, effective 9-12-2019. 

The following hiring was approved pending successful background checks/drug tests: Daniella Rinehart, Good Medicine Youth Mental Health Specialist-Napi 2019- 2020 ($43,795.00 Pro-rated); Jennifer Ehlers, Good Medicine Youth Mental Health Specialist-BMS 2019-2020 ($42,167.00 Pro-rated); Julianna Salois, Good Medicine Youth Mental Health Specialist-KW Vina 2019- 2020 ($32,881.00 Pro-rated); Tessa Racine, Good Medicine Youth Mental Health Specialist-Napi 2019-2020 ($40,526.00 Pro-rated); Zita Ottersbach Part Time Child Care Aide I; Roy McNabb, Napi Cross Country Coach 2019-2020 ($430.00); David Oldchief, Napi Football Coach 2019-2020 ($439.00); Jarvier Bustos, Napi Football Coach 2019-2020 ($430.00); Kimberly Tatsey-McKay, Good Medicine Coordinator-Youth Mental Health Specialist 2019-2020 ($52,761.00 Pro-rated) and Tenniell Tatsey Bus Driver, Transportation. 

Contract Service Agreements approved pending successful backgound checks: Carolann Racine, Aimsweb Math Screener to KW Kindergarten Students 2019- 2020 ($1,000.00); Delia Sharon Magee, Aimsweb Math Screener to KW Kindergarten Students 2019- 2020 ($1,000.00); Lavada Pilling, Aimsweb Math Screener to KW Kindergarten Students 2019-2020 ($1,000.00); Stipend for Teachers to Attend Professional Development see list ($1,200.00) and Playground Educational Consulting (Jason Andreas), Work with Administration on Implementation of New Grant (not to exceed $500.00).

Out of state/country travel was approved for Robert Hall, 19th Annual Blackfoot Confederacy Conference in Calgary, Alberta ($600.12) and in state travel was approved for Nikki Hannon, 15th Annual Montana Director’s Symposium for Early Childhood in Helena, MT ($531.66); Matthew Johnson, Restorative Justice Trng. Resolutions NW in Kalispell, MT (School Related Leave Only); Billie Jo Juneau, Train the Trainer-Trauma Informed Care Using Restorative Justice in Kalispell, MT ($533.49); Everett Holm, META Board of Directors Retreat in Helena, MT ($545.61); Toni Tatsey, Jennifer Wagner, Sicily Bird, Angela HeavyRunner, Sheila Hall, Matthew Johnson, Jeri Matt, Corrina Guardipee-Hall, Billie Jo Juneau, Fall MCLP Conference in Helena, MT ($392.06 ea) and Everett Armstrong, Jennifer Wagner, Divisional Golf Western A Tournament in Frenchtown, MT ($283.63 each). 

Other items approved: 

Create 6 New Personal Care Attendant Positions; 

Discuss and Approve to Advertise for Bids to Paint Mural(s) - Browning High Gymnasium;

 Agreement Between BPS and Coach UP! Consulting 2019-2020 ($85,000.00); 

Amend Graduation Policy #4500; 

MOU Between Healing to Wellness Projects & BPS 2019-2020; 

National Tobacco Prevention Campaign 2019-2020; 

School Funds/Investment Resolution; 

Resolution Supporting Impact Aid Appropriations; 

Purchases Over $10,000.00; 

District Claims Check #421754 - #421844 ($291,034.11); 

Student Activities Report Check #703847-703862 ($5,907.22) an Additional Pays/Payroll. 

Items not approved: There were no changes to Board Policy #3230 Student Drivers. 

There were no Personnel or Legal Issues. Meeting adjourned at 6:55 p.m.


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