The Glacier County Commissioners accepted the lone bid for the new Computer Aided Dispatching (CAD) system at their meeting on May 2. The bid of $134,000 was submitted by Application Data Systems, Inc., (ADSI) and includes equipment, training and the conversion of the present Swift Justice database used by the Glacier County Sheriff’s Office. GCSO Civil Secretary Jody Hickey wrote a successful grant which will provide funding to cover the entire bid amount.

Hickey said ADSI’s bid was received on time and met all of the specifications. A second bid was submitted late and so was not opened or considered.

The new ADSI system will replace the outdated Swift system, which was put into place in 1996, and is now outdated and not very user friendly.

The ADSI system is web-based and will enhance officer safety with interactive databases, reducing manual search time and incorporating technology. 

The Commissioners heard from Cut Bank Airport Authority Board Secretary David Anderson and decided on a course of action to protect the County funds from being jeopardized to a breach of the Airport Authority’s check numbers. Anderson explained several months ago a single check issued by the Authority to an employee was deposited to his bank by mobile banking deposit on his cell phone.  That image of that check was intercepted and used to fraudulently create another check that was charged to the Authority. 

Megan Kriskovich, a deputy clerk in the Treasurer’s Office quickly identified the duplicate, said Anderson, and the Airport Authority was able to recover the funds quickly. 

 In February, the same image was used again twice. Anderson identified the fraud instantly when balancing February’s reports shortly after receiving them on April 22 from the County Treasurer’s office. 

Anderson contacted the Treasurer’s Office, got images of the check and notified the bank of the fraud.  The bank issued the necessary paperwork to recover the fraud amounts. 

When Treasurer Don Wilson became aware of what was happening, “in an abundance of caution” Anderson said he notified the Authority that he was removing the use of the Authority checks to prevent access to county accounts and funds. This, however, created a burden on the Authority when it came to paying bills and payroll.

Anderson offered two options to resolve the issue during last week’s meeting and after some discussion, the County agreed to one of the options suggested by Anderson. 

In other news from last week’s meeting, the Commissioners:

•Approved a two-year contract with Jason Canney of Preferred IT Systems. Terms of the contract remained the same as the contract presently in place. Canney and his firm will be paid $3,950 per month for technology services.

•Gave the Glacier County Sheriff’s Office (GCSO) the go ahead to accept sealed bids on a junk vehicle with no title that was forfeited as part of a drug bust in 2013. Bids will be accepted on the 2003 Dodge Ram 2500 until 5 p.m. on Friday, May 10. For more details contact the GCSO or visit their Facebook page. The bids will be opened at the May 14 Commissioners meeting.

•Met with Road Supervisor John Evans and Dave Broberg on the possibility of extending an existing county road by another 1.5 miles. The Commissioners agreed to including the section of road in the county road inventory once Broberg pays for the survey, which he offered to do, and the proper paperwork, i.e., rights-of-way and easements and survey have been filed. The process will take a few years to complete. 

In the meantime, if the county bridge that was replaced with a culvert was not abandoned by the county, the county will install a second culvert to help prevent the road from washing out each year. If it was abandoned, Broberg will buy the culvert and the county agreed to install it.

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