Montana Trooper TR Melton was just one of many law related entities represented at the Law Day celebration held late last month at the Stick Game Arbor. Also seen are Blackfeet Chairman Tim Davis and Councilwoman Stacey Gilham Keller. This Law Day celebration was the third and largest gathering to date, with many more groups and entities represented and far more people turning out for the event.

The Stick Game building was filled with informational booths and people ready to talk to the public about law enforcement issues in Blackfeet Country on Wednesday, Sept. 25. According to Christy Horn, Blackfeet Tribal Court Administrator, this year’s event was the third such to have been held, and it marks an expansion over previous years. Only nine programs were represented the first year while some 32 participated this time around.

“Law Day aims to promote the Blackfeet Law and Order Codes, Agency policies and procedures, community resources, and new and amended laws,” states the event flier. “Law Day provides information to the Blackfeet community and ensures the public is made aware of all the laws and codes, as well as the policy and procedures of each agency on and off the Reservation…the purpose is to educate only. All community members are welcome to attend. This event is for the community, and although the Court and Law Enforcement will all be present there will be no discussion of any open or pending cases. There was a chili and fry bread feed, as well as door prizes, for all that attended.”

The idea for Law Day came from a trip Horn took to Reno, Nevada. “I went to a training in Reno and the tribe there said they had a Law Day event that provided education to the community about laws and ordinances on the reservation,” she explained. “I took that idea to Tribal Court and we worked together with BLES, GCSO, the BIA Special Agent [and others] on the first event. Now we had booths around the arbor. It’s an educational opportunity for the public.”

The list of participants is lengthy and includes Blackfeet Tribal Court, Blackfeet Man-power, BIA Criminal Investigators, Glacier County Sheriff’s Department, Blackfeet Child & Family Services, Healing to Wellness Court, Blackfeet Injury Prevention, Seat Belt Safety, Browning Public Schools, Blackfeet Fish & Game, Blackfeet Head Start Program, U.S. Attorney’s Office, Blackfeet Law Enforcement, Blackfeet Appellate Court, FBI and BIA Victim Advocates, Montana Highway Patrol, Blackfeet Domestic Violence Program, Blackfeet Child Support Enforcement, Prescription Pills/Underage Drinking, Heart Butte Public School and the Blackfeet Revenue Department.

The aim is to make Law Day an annual event, and Christy Horn says in order to get that going, they may hold another Law Day event in around six months.

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