Frankie Kipp walked in front of a banner for Clarence McNabb carried by Elaine Bird Rattler as folks marked two years since Ashley Heavy Runner went missing.

The clouds looked ominous, but around 1 p.m. last Saturday, June 8, police vehicles began lining up at Blackfeet Community College with horseback riders and groups of marchers following. While it was officially billed to remember Ashley Loring Heavy Runner’s disappearance two years ago, folks were invited to join the procession and carry signs and pictures of their friends and relatives who are missing or have been killed. Everyone there, in one way or another, was seeking justice.

SnS Ground Shakin’ Music led the way down U.S. Highway 2, past BCC and heading toward the Indian Days campground. Horseback riders followed, with groups of folks carrying signs and pictures reminding themselves and the community of who was lost, when and how.

The weather miraculously began to clear as the march proceeded, and folks lining the streets applauded their efforts.

More than a march was held; each person was remembered by those who loved them, and their stories were told. In addition, four trees donated by the Montana Department of Natural Resources and Conservation were planted - one for Ashley Loring and another for Matthew Grant. The other two trees were planted in honor of all the missing and murdered persons of Blackfeet country. The trees are located near the Blackfeet Community College sign on the east end of town.

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