The Glacier County Commissioners approved two separate contracts with Carlyle Consulting, a professional consultant based in Alexandria, Virginia. On a 2-0 at their Oct. 31 meeting, the Commissioners approved a contract with Carlyle Consulting to provide “professional consultant litigation services” for Glacier County Attorney Terryl Matt. Commissioner John Overcast abstained from voting. Commissioners Michael DesRosier and Tom McKay voted to approve the contract.

Human Resources Director Mike Kittson asked the Commissioners to approve the contract on behalf of Matt who was unable to attend. He did not have a copy of the contract for them to review prior to their approving it. 

A copy of the contract with Matt was requested on Oct. 31 and again last week, but as of press time has not been provided by county officials. 

At their Nov. 12 meeting in Browning, the Commissioners approved a second consulting contract with that firm to provide consulting services to the Commissioners. The vote once again was 2-0. Overcast announced at the last meeting he would be traveling and unable to attend the meeting.

At the Oct. 31 meeting, Overcast expressed concern over the $10,000 claim submitted by Thomas Rogers of Carlyle Consulting for work already done for Matt in September. The invoice submitted by Rogers was dated Sept. 21, 2019 and listed “September 2019 Professional Consultant Litigation Services” in the amount $10,000. No other documentation was submitted with the claim form for payment. 

Kittson, however, said Rogers was working with Matt on the “ongoing negotiations with the Indian Health Service” and the County’s attempt to collect funds from services performed earlier by the Glacier County EMS.

Commission Chairman Michael DesRosier spoke in favor of contracting with the firm to assist Matt, stating “someone of this caliber assisting her is needed with all she has going on.”

Commissioner McKay agreed, adding, “I have lots of confidence in Terryl. If she feels we need this I’m not going to question her.”

The fees submitted by Carlyle Consulting will be paid out of the County Attorney’s budget.

On Tuesday, Nov. 12, Commissioners DesRosier and McKay approved another contract, which was also not available at press time, for consulting services for the Commissioners. They capped the amount of the contract at $25,000. 

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