The board meeting convened at noon on Oct. 29 with a quorum. The special board minutes of Sept. 17 and regular board minutes of Oct. 8 and the board agenda were approved with no changes. 

Student, Parent and Staff Recognitions by the high school administration: Sierra Tall Bull, Peyote Mesteth, Kobe Morris, Ashlee Bird, Caelin Guardipee, Tamika Guardipee, Whisper Jackson, Maggie Jo Matt, Tricia CrowSpreadsHisWings, Hailey Bullshoe, Sequoia Butterfly, Taylee RidesAtTheDoor, Luigi Wells, Mistee RidesAtTheDoor, Jocko Parrent, Jack Parrent, John Parente, Sienna Spiecher and Lynnel Bullshoe. 

Public Comment: Jennifer Wagner read a letter from a parent from another school district expressing their thanks and gratitude to the athletes, fans, families, staff, community and students for their graciousness and sportsmanship. 

Superintendent’s Report: Montana Writing Project-Holocaust Museum Update, Presentation on Results of Transfer of Knowledge, Superintendents Update, Grants Update, Buses to Transport Kids for Evening Meals, Change Board Meeting date of Dec. 10, 2019 to Dec. 12, 2019 at noon, New Policy 1st Reading #7520 Independent Investment Accounts, New Policy 1st Reading Policy #2150 Suicide Awareness and Prevention, Review 4000 Series Policies: 4030 Program Evaluation 4035 Lesson Plans, 4050 Schedules and Programs, 4110 Homework, 4120 and 4120R Instr. Evaluation Emphasis on Written Expression, 4130 and 4130R Instr. Field Trip; HR Status Update. 

Resignations accepted by the Superintendent: Jarriel Blackman, BBB Coach, Middle School, Effective 10-21-2019; Waylon Bennett, BBB Coach, Middle School, Effective 10-22-2019; Joey Aimsback, Bus Driver, Transportation, Effective 10-23-2019 and Chris Edwards Jr., High School Custodian, Effective 10-25-19. 

Hiring approved pending successful background check/drug tests: Earl Tail, Napi Music Teacher 2019-20 ($37,136); Michelle Burke, Napi Cross Country Coach 2019-20 ($430); Jarvier Bustos, Napi Boys 6th Grade Basketball Coach 2019-20 ($1,032); Steven Gallineaux, Middle School Boys Basketball Coach 2019-20 ($1,032); Theodore Connelly, Middle School Boys Basketball Coach 2019-20 ($1,073); Carson Bryant, Napi 6th Grade Boys Basketball Coach 2019-20 ($439); Donald ComesAtNight, Assistant Cook; Cecelia Whiteman, Assistant Cook; Jenna SkunkCap, Special Education Teacher-BHS 2019-20 ($29,676 prorated); Jeri Lee Boggs, Program Secretary, Child Nutrition Pro-gram; Joshua Shooter, Bus Driver, Transportation and Nicklo Crossguns, Bus Driver-Transportation.

Contract Service Agreements approved pending successful background checks): Nicole Whitney, Provide Saturday PD on MTSS, Number Talks and Time in Classroom ($225); Rebecca Rappold, Provide Saturday PD on MTSS, Number Talks and Time in Classroom ($225); Payton Vaile 21st Century Student Tutor - BHS 2019-20 ($1,836); Angel Kennerly 21st Century Student Tutor - BHS 2019-20 ($1,836); Lynell BullShoe - 21st Century Tutor - BHS 2019-20 ($4,536) and Brenda Guardipee, 1st Aid-CPR Training for Transportation Staff 2019-20 ($420). 

Out of State Travel was approved for Wayne Bullcalf, Merlin Bird Rattler, Gayle RidesAtTheDoor Sr., and Nathaniel BirdRattler, Pickup New Activity Bus in Tulsa, Okla. ($1,560.00); Stacy Edwards, Jessica Rutherford, John Salois, and Sherie Blue, Frontline Education System Training in San Antonio, Texas ($2,108.66 ea.) and Robert Hall, Everett Armstrong, Blackfoot Confederacy’s Honoring and Cultural Exchange in Washington D.C. (School Related Leave Only). 

In State Travel approved for Billie Jo Juneau, Jessica Racine, Tracey Thomas, Matthew Johnson, Arlene Wippert, William Heubsch, and Kari McKay to observe Multi-Tiered Systems Support in Great Falls, Boulder, Anaconda ($322.74 ea) and Maureen Stott, Special Olympics State Basketball Tournament in Butte, ($383.76). 

Other item approvals: Napi Clubs-Sponsors-Goals and Objectives 2019-20 ($5,258); Amend Good Medicine/YMH Specialist Contract 2019-20 for Daniella Rinehart to Professional-Technical; Amend Good Medicine/YMH Specialist Contract 2019-20 for Jennifer Ehlers to Professional Technical; Amend Good Medicine/YMH Specialist Contract 2019-20 for Juliana Salois to Professional-Technical; Amend Good Medicine/YMH Specialist Contract 2019-20 for Tessa Racine to Professional-Technical; Amend Good Medicine/YMH Contract 2019-20 for Kimberly Tatsey-McKay to Professional-Technical; Amend Contract: Heidi Bull Calf, Classified Tutor Supervisor/BHS 2019-20 ($960); Create Two (2) Night School Teacher Positions-BHS 2019-20; BHS “Magic, The Gathering” Club-Sponsors-Goals and Objectives 2019-20 ($258 ea.); Open Bids for High School Murals: Awarded to Jeremy Johnson; Substitute Eligibility List 2019-20; BNAS Consultants 2019-20; Final Reading New Policy #3601 and #3601 Student Data Privacy/Agreement; Amend Policy #3100 Student Enrollment-Exceptional Circumstances; Remove Policy 3100R Student Enrollment, Exceptional Circumstance, Age Waiver; Amend Extracurricular Salary Schedule; Amend 2019-20 AY Calendar for PIR Day Change; MOU Crystal Creek Adolescent Dept 2019-20; Jigsaw Consulting Service, Provide Administrative Training 2019-20; SAMHSA (Spokinaapi Project)-Subgrantee Award University of Montana; No Purchases Over $10,000; District Claims Check #422112 - #422326 ($673,219.67); Student Activities Claims Check #703998 - #704047 ($17,863.60); Additional Pays-Payroll and Legal Update. Meeting adjourned at 3:09 p.m.

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