“The Blackfeet Food Pantry Program delivered six pallets of cookies, snack crackers (donation from Nabisco, Helena) pastas and various dry goods,” said Sara Wecker of Essential Eats Distributors. “All will be added to Essential Eats in their upcoming Food Basket distribution.

Contact the store in Heart Butte for times. I will try my best to get more food items together. Currently I’m working on the Browning area. I will get word out as to when, how and where it will be done. Elders will be first at any items that come in. Patience and respect is what we need to practice in a time like this.

I am extremely proud to know so many kind and generous people. With school and government closures, resources are greatly diminished. Our organization reached out to the volunteers that serve many of your communities, and they all have responded that they are ready to deliver our food donations to the homes of 285 families in need.

I am so honored to know the Running Crane family in Heart Butte, Samantha McFayden of Babb, Karleen WhiteGrass and Matthew Johnson of Buffalo Hide Academy, Rachel Wippert of Blackfeet Community College Pantry, Cheryl and Charlie DeRoche of Starr School, Lynn Kennan and her crew at Browning Public Schools, Arvin Lamebear Gallagher of Seville, Rae Armstrong, the folks at East Glacier Park and all the others that assist them.

I am also extremely grateful that Birch Creek Colony chose to honor our order when there is so much need. Our March delivery personnel have been unflinching in their willingness to deliver our product to your area, when others have cancelled. Thank you, Greg Schatz and Ally Pike. Walmart’s shelves around the nation have been decimated. Kalispell Walmart has promised to find our order and fill it, once again something that could understandably be denied. 

It is humbling to see so many phenomenal people be who they are.

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